Monday, May 14, 2007

"Squaaaak Shook" as the Mulch Monster Died

mulch monster

Sqak Shook, Squaaaak Shook as the Mulch Monster died one shovel before the last.

mulched yard

Well, let me tell you; it was another spectacularly sunny warm weekend down in the 'boro. I had a fantastic weekend. Our day started at 7am Saturday morning and ended at sundown. That intense day of outsideness included mowing the lawn, weeding, 7 yrds of mulching, stipping and painting the mailbox, planting MORE flowers, and applying turf builder. WHEW! Glad its Monday! The bad news; that was only half of the yard work.

mulched yard

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers; we wouldn't be here without 'em. My wife had a nice Mother's Day. She enjoyed a Keri Underwood CD, cards, visiting with youngest son Nick and Tyler and voicemails wishing her well. We laughed and talked for several hours along with some outstanding french toast, cheddar brots, poundcake, and tapioca pudding. (Hmmm...I better workout tonite) Oh yeah, pass the popcorn.

mulched yard

Traffic was great and this day is moving along. I cannot help but think about our flowers. There's just something exciting about "life" and watching it happen and how it works in synchronicity. With the flowers come butterflies, hummingbirds and various other little critters that we don't normally see or notice. The air wafts by with a sweet perfume. The honeysuckle permiates the air in the backyard. We have two squirril-proof bird feeders on the back deck...only one is really squirril proof — they're pretty sneaky little brainiacs! Great bird watching weekend. I saw bluejays, goldfinches, english sparrows, wood thrushes, cardinals, chickadees, starlins and a tufted titmouse. (in case you had any doubts of my nerdness....)

Pickle Scans The Yard


Joel said...

The House looks FANTASTIC---

Can you guys come help me with mine--?

Bendy said...

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor. Everything looks absolutely beautiful :)