Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Glorious Sun

Who can see beneath our bones? My skeleton gleems in the southern hospitality of the sun, kissed and tanned. What skeleton can hide without its skin?

Annie, the dogThe sun is absolutely radiant in downtown Nashville. I have opened the blinds and watched the light chase away the shadows. Its fun and thought-provoking to watch the shadows sulk away to the corners and edges of things...very interesting patterns and shapes come to life. I spent some time remembering my little doggie this morning. Remembering her little bouncy ears coming around the corner with that big smile or her oingy boingy bounce when I said her magic word for milk bone dog bisquits. All good memories. Memories are grand but not big enough to overcome presence or the lack thereof. Hmmm...

pink Daisiesflowers of springMy sweetie and I planted a boat load of flowers over the weekend. We watered them yesterday afternoon before going to the gym. It was a warm day at 86 degrees and today seems much the same. I even took time to water them this morning in expectation of today's warmth. I am looking forward to seeing a yard of beautiful living color swaying in the evening breeze when I drive home. It's nice doing things together...even better to watch them grow and change and mature in a healthy manner. It's fun to get down in the dirt and transform the earth...its good for what ails a man, I suppose. Certain that I have now been branded the "metro-sexual" on the block or "who knows," I don't care. If that mattered to me, I suppose I would have taken a poll first.

orange flowers

Now we are looking for some "artsy" yard art that will really set the place apart...you know, kinda whimsical but landmark! I saw this one house once that had this cool flying saucer sculpture in the front yard with some groovy colorings and markings on it. That would really get some passersby. I look forward to our hunt of such oddities. Something that just creates a happy conversation piece or at least gets noticed.

Hmmm....State Troopers were everywhere this morning on the drive in. Seems most mornings my speedometer spends more time horizonal than verticle; but luckily no blue light specials for me. It's always better to see it happen to somebody else. (tee hee hee; no really) Ok...one quick funny from my friend Joel...

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Andrew Stanfield said...

Great blog, Mr. Russell. Glad to have you back.