Thursday, August 31, 2006

We NEED Our Own Scars

As always, my coworker, the Prelate of Pensive [hence, always on time] has engaged in a most interesting conversation. I am not sure how we got here; but the place has furniture resembling human truths. It is said that the rest of our lives are haunted by the first 10 years of experiences. That is true for me.

There is nothing more horrible than senseless tradgedy. While some things can be avoided had we just taken someone's advice, we seem to be driven to "experience" things for ourselves. It is almost never enough that the information came from a credible source. Because it wasn't seen through our "own" eyes....somehow, maybe it will be "different for me" has become our reaction.

I have often said that I would never follow anyone into battle that had no scars! Why? The best friendships are forged by hardships encountered and survived together. The "act of survival" leaves scars, visible or hidden. It's funny. My father almost never misses an opportunity to show someone his scar from losing his heel and bottom half of his foot or the skin grafts it required to reconstruct them. We are always determined to show somebody our scars. They are our badges or proof that we exist in spite of ourselves. We face the world and keep surviving. We interact and sometimes clash.

Scars come in all shape, sizes and colors; hidden or visible; displayed or covered. Some of them are good and others worse. But we "NEED" them. Those scars are not only proof but fuel to propel us beyond one day to the next, beyond an obstacle to a victory, beyond victim to volunteer, from slave to master. We can't even stop picking at or making contact with our scars. I have one in the center of my forehead (almost like a third eye) from when I was 5 years old. It never fails, at least once a day that I don't reach up to check it, verify that it's still there, feel it's texture and sometimes try to remove it....which only confirms its presence even more. I love my scars; especially the ones I hate.

Scars create life and death. Whether it is release or the enslavement; scars will always be a part of humanity. We are all busy people and sooner or later, we bump into each other. Even strangers remember scars. The mistake is assuming we will never meet again.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Simple Things...

There is something about an early morning walk as the city is waking and the sky is blossoming that is just rejuvinating. Aside from the simple beauty of the sights and the nice crisp air yet to be tainted by angry automobiles, you get to meet new people with a friendly smile and greeting. It's great to say "good morning" and both people really mean it. There is a satisfaction in mutual appreciation. The same is true for the "thank you's" and "excuse me's".

It seems we are all in a hurry, trapped in a game to obtain,
that forces us to abstain from the simple and free things that we
take for granted because they are not encrusted with diamonds or TV cameras.
I have to force my self off the bottle of post-modern industrial capitalism at intervals
to just slow down and really see the things around me and enjoy them for what they are.
It helps me stay more thankful and not take myself too seriously.

The simple things resuce you from where you're trapped. Maybe its the sound of an old friend's voice. Maybe its a smell that reminds you of summers as a kid. Maybe its just a kind smile that reminds you that everything is going to be fine. There are simple things everywhere. Much like the wind, whether you notice or not; the evidence of the simple things is always there.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Naked "Raw" Truth

"Raw" is a term used sometimes to mean "devoid of covering," "not hidden," "bare." I have read many blogs and different publications about the lives of others. It is inevitable that you encounter someone's life or story on a level of "rawness" that it immediately creates or moves something inside you. Whether it's deep sadness, pathos or inspiration; these things happen fairly often. Typically when you start blogging, someone or most ask, why? That is followed by "how can you put yourself out there so "raw"? True, one of the most horrifying things people face is standing before a crowd "naked!" While I wouldn't volunteer, I don't know that I would be terrified by it. Afterall, it's kinda like having a shaved head — it's yours and that's all there is and it's all out there and mine whether you like it or not. Granted I love my privacy, but some things are just universal...though it feels really personal; everybody goes through it.

It's funny how we would hate for our foreheads to always show what we are thinking or for "sister so and so" to see us leaving a liquor store or whatever; but we seem less concerned with God seeing anything and everything we not only consider but also do when noone sees. Isn't it odd that the most powerful and dangerous one gets the least concern. Speaking of which, God is typically watered down as some skinny dude with a sheep around his neck or just something way out there or any other set of weak and vaporous ideas we romanticise our superiority over with reverence but no restraint. Hmmm...so many ideas; so little blog.

Anyway, we find it difficult to maintain our childhood innocense in terms of trust and forgiveness; because being "raw" leaves you "raw...." horribly scraped up and battered. Afterall, we say, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, SHAME ON ME." As adults, we take great pride in learning from the linear teachers of sequencial circumstances and circular logic. We are always challenged to maintain the faith and trust of children; but "child molesters" are everywhere; even in the church. Let's face it, if you cannot trust the church/preacher/fathers/nuns/deacons/teachers/police/politicians/ourselves—whose left? What is the hope of our children or our own child-like disciplines? Dare we trust in anyone else but GOD?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Solumn Monday

OMGIM! — Oh my God, It's Monday! I had a great weekend and alas, Monday returns. It's half way over and that's ok. It's been great so far. I see a crystal blue sky outside littered with thunderheads which only means one thing....a storm is coming. Isn't it funny how we can always read the signs we want to so easily but; no so true on the ones we SHOULD, in spite of having been there before or it all being so obvious.

Well today is a little different. I actually have the opportunity to be here all alone...not a single soul here but us (me, myselves, and I). It's kinda cool. No, I cannot let them out to just run around, afterall, I am still working. But "silence" and I have always gotten along pretty well. I can hear everything outside and everything inside. I can hear the electricity running through the wires as easily as my fingertips striking the keyboard. It is a great time to "multi-task." This way I can meditate and work at the same time. I think I will stop here until my next break.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Like Red on a Rose

Today, I must highlight what I consider to be an excellent blog from pickledsilly.
It is well said and well depicted; accurate to the subject matter and honoring to the one it remembers.
I have no greater words to say the same thing or say it any better; so here it is like it is!

Like Red on a Rose

Friday, August 25, 2006

Kindness Counts!!!

It was a beautiful drive in this morning. I had the thrill of coming up behind my wife already in route on the interstate as the sun was rising to its most glorious voyage to the center of the sky. I like watching her when she doesn't know I am there....studying her expressions, how she moves, how she reacts, the way her hair fits her face and/or shoulders, the proportions of her face, the point of her nose....etc. You get the picture. Anyway, she gets off the interstate before I do. I continue onward a couple of exits.

Eventually I come to a point that a big suv wants to change lanes. His light is on but there really isn't a space. I slow and let him in. Then the magic happens! He throws up his hand to say "thank you"! Kindness counts! Many times you can do things for people and they just accept or expect you to do it with not so much as a kiss my butt. I like kindness—giving or receiving. Who doesn't? But those old fashioned things my grandma taught me still count.

Always say thank you.
Always wash your hands.
Always leave it like you found it or better.
Treat everybody like you would like to be treated.
Always give the benefit of the doubt.
One good turn deserves another.
Don't put off what you can do now.
Respect your elders.

I know these things are still out there somewhere and sometimes you find it in the strangest of places. These are the kinds of things that promote Random Kindnesses all day long. I look forward to the next kindness—giving or receiving.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Blame What?

Sometimes, it's just not worth proving that you are right. Maybe being right isn't always best. Grace is a gift that keeps on giving........? Right?


It would seem the more you allow someone who is wrong to believe they are right; the more it will cost you and everyone around them at some point. The same is true with giving "grace." Granted every now and then, it behooves you to give it; for the most part, it only validates further screwing by someone who really doesn't care anyway. Hey, I am a live and let live kind of guy. I really don't care what you do; so long as you don't expect me to agree or go along with it. But make no mistake, draw a line in the sand and I am in it, to win it. I consider myself very easy going; so if you are unfortunate enuf to get me beyond that point, you probably deserve whatever you get. Wifey says I have a "warrior spirit," ...I don't know about that.

It is during our weakest times that we discover our most hidden strengths. Unfortunately, some of us will never discover them for running from every and any challenge whatsoever. I was told that "I always take the challenge" or "the harder way" or "the road less traveled." Maybe I am stubborn and dare to defy whatever stands in my way. I know that my loyalty or friendships aren't for sale. I would just as soon spit in your eye than take your money or charity. Just not my style and everyone is entitled to their own. If I make a mistake, I admit it. If I was wrong, I admit it. If I spill something, I wipe it up. If I open something, I close it. Just little parts of being a responsible person. Oh well.....not sure where this blog is going today; but I am sure there will be several today.

The best part of all is learning to be happy or content in any situation. That is my constant vigual. I am extremely blessed in so many ways; so I try NOT to get really ticked unless it is truely warranted. I have had a great day, the sun is shining, a beautiful wife to go home to, a happy dog that will be glad to see me and a home full of peace/love that belongs to me. So there are a few idiots in the world......hey I ain't mad at cha.'

Peace out, scrub!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Into the Depths....

Blog friends, I missed a day yesterday. I was at the funeral of a dear friend. She was one of the greats. There was a double funeral and I was fortunate and honored to be a paw bearer. I don't suppose her memory will be dulled by her absence. Funny how some people have that much of an impact on their surroundings. Everything was as it should have been, respectful, well-planned and rich with sentiment. I found it odd; fighting with myself most of the day, about how much emotion I would feel or would show. I had feared, having not long ago buried my mother, that this might have an unpredictable effect on my descrection. I loved the family of the deceased as though they were my own, many great memories and all the trimmings. I had often wondered why I had never really cried or broken down from my mother's death or funeral. I assumed since I was the oldest and taking care of the arrangements and overseeing the process; that I was going to have a delayed reaction after everything was over. One year later; I am still waiting for that shoe to drop. Yes, I loved my mom, yes, she is missed. The only logical is that I did have the opportunity to say all the things I wanted and needed to before she passed. Hmmm.....nonetheless; beyond the psychobabble; the blog....

I stood there, beside the deep, empty chasm that would become the home of the newly deceased's earthly remains. I could see how cold the ground would feel; how deep and dark the mystery of death would cloak the perception of the living. I remember that Christ went there and came back. I have never seen anyone else do that. What about this doorway keeps all others behind it? Are ghosts those who found a way; but no body to return to? So many questions. I remember touching my mother's face the day of the funeral...how cold, unflenching and empty it seemed. Our bodies are the cocoons to the next life; much like the butterfly, we began as something else; we have yet to reach the butterfly stage.

It seemed odd to listen to the sound of the dirt being emptied back onto someone that I had once hugged and laughed with many times. It seemed odd to watch all the people watching it happen with probably the same pensive look I had amid a wide range of emotions. It seemed stange to me to have no doubts that I too would go that way and so would everyone else watching her departure below the surface. The truth was/is that she wasn't in there. She was already gone—moved on to the next level. I know I was imagining it; but I thought I saw my mother across the graveyard watching, smiling and happy. I know I was imagining it; but I thought I saw the newly passed from where the wind came almost 6 yrds away to the left, smiling and waving goodbye; then kissing her family members who suffered the most. The mind does those things...or our hopes that we would be able to do those things at our time.

All the dirt had been returned. The ground covered with flowers where she lay. The people file away. The sun keeps shining. The rush-hour still occurs. Today began again like yesterday did.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ahhh.....That's Perfect...

There are some things in life that just are "mysteries" and you just have to deal with it. As an analytical, I always look for the how and why. I cannot explain the unspoken communication that occurs on cellular, metaphysical or emotional levels when a couple lays together. There is magic from the brush of a hand, the subtle warmness from just gliding over the surface of smooth skin, feeling the life jumping from the inside, up to meet your touch, daring to break through all separations. The joy that comes from feeling quickening pulses when you melt into each other's kiss is not only cherished but worth preserving and even harder to comprehend.

There are few things better than a morning, afternoon or mid-day spoon with your one and only. I love the communication that occurs on a level requiring no words. It's just a really gentle presence that calms everything and everyone, putting into sync your minds, hearts, souls and energies. It really makes one pause and be careful with the tender gifts that are or have been entrusted for safe keeping til death do us part. She is my greatest fan and I feel blessed to have so many good friends to share her with.

I would have to confess, that after knowing someone for 10 plus years, and together considerably longer, I would not have anticipated this continued and constant desire. While I feel very fortunate to have found someone to enjoy such intimacies with, as well as closeness (because the two are equally different), I often find myself trying to comprehend what is occurring in the unseen-which is always around us. I find myself examining the DNA of the situation to discover the formula that can give anyone this type of connection. No, "nothing" is perfect this side of six feet under; but I am a happy camper in addition to believing in constant improvement and growth. I LOVE seeing people happy and I LOVE seeing people deep in the art of being in LOVE. I would much rather the top news story being about love vs war or hate or terrorism. I cannot say that I am a hopeless romantic; because I am not hopeless. That's not my style...but when my mind is set; only God can get in the way or deter my succession.

My precious, Pickle, so wise, caring, thoughtful, loving, and generous is really an exceptional lady. She's the best wife I ever had. Ha Ha Ha Ha....nonetheless, you get my drift. I look so forward to becoming that groovy old spunky couple that all the kids know and love and want to be like. (hmmm...more gray hair, maybe I already am.) What is the currancy in the next life; is it the things we can take with us or is it the things we left here to grow and thrive?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Awaiting The Absence Gone

Even before life, man is appointed to die. It is the natural order of things. It is also very typical to realize the value of a person AFTER they are gone. If....WHEN, I slip from these shores, I would hope to have received my flowers while the bee yet adored them, while the air yet carried their smell in the gentle breeze. Some deaths I can take pleasue in; I know they are in a better place. It's encouraging when someone of significant impact moves on to their reward. Yes, we will weep together, yes we will miss them, yes our hearts grieve, yes the absence screams aloud—but in the darkness, the brightest light shines brighter. As the sheets of sadness are pulled from our eyes, we will raise our eyes skyward, smiling into the light of the Glorious Afternow when we will know everything before and after us and be unable to extinguish the truth of how glorious is the next room that awaits. Farewell and safe passage. You will always remain in our hearts and memories. One door closes; another room opens. That is the natural order of things.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Nice...Pass It On!

What if, everywhere you went, some stanger did something nice/polite for you? What if, everywhere you went, some stranger said "thank you" because they recognized you as someone who had let them go first, have a parking space, helped with their bags, said good morning with a smile, held traffic to let them cross on a busy or rainy day, etc...?

This was the thought that struck me while returning from lunch. If we each did one "Random Nice" a day, in one month we might actually reencounter it coming back to us. Wouldn't it be great if you went somewhere; even half way across the world, and someone stopped and said "you don't know me but, you helped me once when...... and I just wanted to say thank you." There is so much energy in the world; we spend a great deal of time noticing the bad—but there is just as much good. Can't we spread it around, begin to cultivate more of it, pay attention to it when it happens. Could you imagine the ramifications if everyone did a "Random Nice" once a day all year long!

Here's a Random Nice that I will share with you. I was on lunch break and went to Arby's to grab a sandwich. By the time I got to the window to pay and pick up my food; the attendant told me that the car in front of me had already paid for mine. She continued to relay to me the reason, just as she had asked the reason. Hey guess what? ....just Random Nice So guess what? Come the next day, I did the same thing to some other unsuspecting sap left just as stunned as I was, but smiling afterwards.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reflecting on the Beautiful Day in the Middle

They say it's "hump day." Maybe it is. It's that one day that begins to forcast how the rest of the week will be as a whole. The drive in this morning was more than character-building. A long metallic snake crawled along the black highway with each scale painted by the glare of red rear dots. I never saw any reason for the lag...just the sure "volume" of commuters. It's like that sometimes. So you just deal with it.

Sometimes it seems like our lives are moving slow or parked going nowhere. Is it because too many people are going the same way in our way or is noone getting anywhere because I are actually blocking the flow. Hmmm....anyway food for thought. Now, there's a thought. Some foods do promote more thought than others and provide means of enhancing our moods.

In my solitude, I keep busy and well-disciplined to do some things I might not be able to squeeze into a day. The shower is a great place to be hit with new ideas...."big funky chicken,"...hmm...that colud be cool. I started the day with 15mins of stomach workout with Tony Little, one of my favorite presents from Tiny. Just before that, a nice close shave with a new razor....always refreshing. I ate strawberry jello while traffic hesitated and reflected on other days.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh that terrifying sound

Some say it is the worst sound they ever heard.
Others say there is none more terrifying.

I personally love the sound...but I realize how addicted I sometimes become to it. It is one of those sounds that is completely unmistakeable. It cannot be confused with anything you have ever heard or encountered before. It has defined generations of civilizations and before that, universes. I can hear it now — even in my head, beckoning like a long lost but grateful lover. It is always so under estimated and devalued; often misunderstood. I am falling towards her. I am embraced by the arms of it. Here comes that most terrifying but treasured ....

...sound of silence

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Joy of Sharing....

It just must be a universal law in place, sharing makes everything better. We had a "packed" schedule for the weekend. Friday night, we (at my wife's insistence) went and worked out. I hate working out on Friday; but for her, of course, I did. By doing that, we hooked up with a newlywed couple that we go out with and we agreed to meet at BoneFish by 8ish for dinner and drinks. Aside from the pouring rain; it was a blast. I saw lots of folks I knew or at least recognized from my time in the 'boro. It was all good.

Saturday morning, I tried to sleep in. I knew Pickle had an early morning 8am hair appointment. But I couldn't. I got up and got dressed for the gym. I can at least get a good start on my workout. However; maybe I should do laundry first. 10 things I should do later - including fixing the garbage disposal (which I clogged/locked up), I was off to the gym. Unknown to me, my wifey had been considering suprising me. Just as well, after a 2 hour workout, I was bushed. I head home to find that she is STILL not back from the hairdresser. Well, I might as well cut the grass; afterall we have dinner guests coming at 6:30ish and its now 11:15. So I did. In spite of it being very wet; it turned out very nice due to paitence and raising the blade a notch. This instigated both my neighbors into cutting their lawns. She finally arrives with my surprise! I will have to blog that later when I have more words.

Saturday nite arrives as it was bound to. We had a great dinner and played games with our delightful guests. It was definitely one to remember. Our dinner theme was "Thanksgiving", since we were thankful for so many things including great friends. We played a new game "Would You Rather" that was quite funny; only upstaged by the people actually participating in the funfest. I think the dinner put the whammy on us. The turkey and ham were delicious, the cranberries so fresh, and everything else just perfect...but I think we all ate too much. We were sleepy before midnight. After hours of extended laughter at each other; we called it a night. Annie (the dog) watched everyone leave and the night came to a blissful end.

Sunday.... You know how you get these mental/spiritual cues to do something....well; I did and we did it. I have some other dear friends going through tough times many miles away. Everything worked out well, in spite of myself. Our prayers go with them.

Monday morning....whew....get up and get to the office. I need a break. But of couse, I only learn that another friend has lost his father over the weekend. Seems like there is a lot going on lately.

But really "sharing" makes fun moments even better and sad moments lighter...what a great universal law. As we share in each others lives — whether the situation is bad or good — we each leave with something more than we arrived with and with a sense of increased closeness. We are not alone...keep sharing; find something to share.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Reflections From The Other Side Of Friday

It's Friday again. Sometimes it seems we go through life waiting on the next weekend. I know I have been and may continue for a while to be guilty of that. I really treasure weekends. Aside from getting the things done that have to be done; it's a time to do something fun that you would rather have done all week long. It's kind of the carrot at the end of the rope. That's why I want to win the lottery or get rich quick — whichever comes first. It's about the option to "choose" how to spend your time and raise your quality of life and even be able to help other people too.

Of course, all those things can be done right now and today by anyone rich or poor; but few of us do. It's always "one of these days..." or "someday when...." The weekends are great to spend with good friends and eat good food and do whatever you want; provided you have enough time. Time is really what its all about. I have been surrounded with cancer victims the last couple of years and "time" is always the "soup de jour." You never have enough and you cannot make more--maybe that's land--anyway, you know what I mean.

Only through death does life look so appealing. There are few things worse than watching good people suffer and be completely helpless but to look or turn away. That terrifying word "CANCER" immediately reduces hope, faith and outlook. Sure, we all put on the good face and the hard-fight-glare; but deep inside, the small voice trembles. We are filled and emptied at the same time by the news. Anger and abandonment become bedfellows, covered by the sheets of why me. Of course, everyone is sorry; not that that really benefits anyone; even the one saying it. I believe someday we will discover that the cure was here all along and far more simple than a doctor could have ever deduced. But I, too, may be one of its victims by then. At least its the weekend....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Refreshing Cool Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful, cool sunrise! I enjoyed my morning commute. It was easy to look around at the wide bright sky, billowing clouds, energetic birds, orange sunrays, several hundred taillights and a dragonfly logo on the back of the car in front of me and realize it was going to be a gorgeous day. A beautiful sunrise is as refreshing as dipping into a cool, country stream that immediately re-aquaints one with every breathless pore on smoldering skin. I am from the country and the country will always be in me. It was a great morning just to remember all the things that make life special. Despite whatever challenges may come today; this moment of appreciation will skew any potential ugliness until I see my Sweetie, doggie, flowers and home again.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Morning Company—Dragonfly Messenger

How strange the morning commute...
I was driving to the office this morning and something strange happened. This light green dragonfly was sitting on my hood. OK, that's not so odd. As I began moving, he/she flew along with me about 6inches above my hood. It occassionally would turn backwards, watching me briefly before darting to the far side of the hood and returning to its original position. This went on for about a mile. I don't think I have ever noticed a more attentive dragonfly or one that hung around after you started moving and certainly not accompanying my vehicle in motion for so long.

About Dragonflies
Dragonflies were know as the "devil's darning needles" because it was believed that they would sew the lips of wicked children together while they were sleeping. And it was thought that dragonflies could bring snakes back to life. As a result, they were also known as "snake doctors."

Despite their appearance, rapid speed, and "rattling" approach dragonflies are harmless to humans.The clasper at the end of the abdomen of the insect is often mistaken for a stinger. The male actually uses it to hold onto the female dragonfly when mating!

Amazing facts about dragonflies...
• dragonflies have a top flight speed of up to 100 km/h
• each dragonfly eye contains up to 30,000 lenses
• the eyes' position on the dragonfly gives the insect a 360 degree field of vision
• although 80% of the brain is devoted to sight dragonflies are not able to register detail well
• the oldest fossilized record of a dragonfly is from the Carboniferous Period, over 300 million years ago
• the Nootka word for dragonfly translates as "clacking stick," the name given to cedar tongs used to remove coals from the fire

Games (yes, real games involving dragonflies.Ok, call it a "fun break")
Game One
Game Two

Hmmm...does this incident mean something or just a co-inky-dinky...?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Illusive Holy Spirit

.....you have heard it said, "...Father, Son and Holy Spirit." In fact there are many mentions of the "Holy Spirit" in the Bible and churches across America. I was listening as I walked past the breakroom this morning and heard the TV evangelists speaking. One particular phrase caught my ear, "empowered by the Holy Spirit."

It's not that I don't know what it is or have ever heard of it; cause I have. I have even experienced it several times. I must confess the oddity of it all. Like the wind, unseen but effectual...you see the trail it makes and leaves. In fact, several times Christ tells his disciples NOT to continue until the "Holy Spirit" has come upon you which will guide and empower you. I have heard it said the the Holy Spirit was there at the creation and even before as the foundations of the universe were being drafted. Down through the years, artists have painted God and Jesus. I have yet to see a personification of the Holy Spirit. Suffice to say, it is typically depicted as a dove which is more the evidence than the cause. Hmmm....

Great and sometimes even unbelieveable things have been done at the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. I have only seen and experienced some of these personally a few times; but they tend to leave a mark on your memory. I remember the verse in Hebrews, "without faith it is impossible to please God" and with only a mustard seed bit of it; you can move mountains. I would like an elephant-size helping of it please. I have often thought that it must be hard to acquire faith based on looking around at how many people I saw moving mountains. Somewhere between faith and the Holy Spirit we humans are capable of amazing things when we can keep ourselves out of the way.

I could only wonder what we as people could actually see if we could see the "spiritual realm" around us mingling, directing and distracting us everyday.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Immortal Old Stories Remembered and Retold

I was thinking during my drive into the city about many things; but in particular of how stories survive time. I remember a statistic: The Holy Bible is the #1 stolen book in America. Isn't that odd that something that is against stealing is the one most stolen? Nonetheless, the Bible represents the core of what I am trying to expound on today. "Chrisianity" is a relatively "new" religion compared to most; but the concept of a god-like being uniting with a human female (immaculately of course; except for some angels) to initiate a war between good and evil has been around since the beginning of the ages. This theme of humanity "needing" to worship something obviously is as inate as requiring air. No matter how primative or sophisticated, we all need a god. Even atheist cry "oh god" sooner or later in some situation or another. How bizarre....

Anyway, it was interesting to see the Superman movie also embody some characteristics of the same "Christ" story. Hmmm..... Meanwhile these ramblings are the result of a great sermon I heard Sunday about "Being 'Satisfied' with What God Gave You: Staying Thankful in a Coveting World".

Paul says it here:
I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength? (Philippians 4:11-13).

Of couse, all these things are tall orders; "but all things are possible through Christ Jesus which strengthens me....." The Bible is LOADED with good news! I am looking forward to a thankful week with or without great blessings! (what a dangerous statement...)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Love and Happiness . . .

I read this blog from my beloved friend, Franks, this morning and it made me smile. I think it will you too. Friends who know me are really sick of my "glow in the dark" smiley face shirts. I have one for every day for 2 weeks. If I am not wearing it on the surface, it may be under something else. It just reminds me that life can be what you choose to focus on. Life is full of blessings and gifts; even in the form of challenges. Don't get too caught up in drama to be just "thankful." Please enjoy yourself and read these brief words worth their weight in gold.

Happiness . . .

Keep on singing the song, Al Green....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Sweet Delicious,....Savvy!

Well it is Thursday morning, the beginning of another beautiful but HOT day....<"the hotter it is the more damage it does — 'nuf said> Anyway, back to the Sweet Delicious!

The Sweet Delicious! What is it and how does it change everything?

The "sweet delicious" is a term I use to describe that moment when everything is just right...
like the pie and the crust are perfect; like listening to Purple Rain during a thunderstorm with the one you love; like cuddling but only conversating with heartbeats; like being with the only one you want and being wanted back; like being at the top of your game and everybody just happens to be watching at the same time....That's the sweet delicious!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Smiling Skies, Melthing Thoughts

Wow! It's hot! I thought I saw the devil in a thong on the way to lunch. At least the sky is a beautiful blue. Not much to say today about much; but sometimes that's good. I cannot believe its only Tuesday...it should be at least Thursday. I tend to get tunnel vision in the face of projects or missions and ignore most things around me if that interferes with my goal. Oh well....it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Guess I will just sit here and think about my little woman all day while my body carries on with its tasks.

I think I would like to be in a big kitchen making all sorts of new things...u know; kinda experimenting and creating as you go. Oh, even better, naked in the center of giant canvases with oodles of paint and good music to make until nothing was left to be created. Maybe even shopping!!! It's not easy being "metro-sexual".