Thursday, December 04, 2008

Distorted American Realities Best Kept Secret

Secret Millionaire

My boss came in today and asked about a story we had published concerning scams...people taking advantage of good-hearted people with emotionally feeble minds. I suppose they wouldnt keep pulling these scams if they didnt advertising....if it didnt work, they wouldnt keep doing demand, no supply. It makes you think about being kind twice --- how much is too much; what if someone fools you all the time; is it their fault, your fault or will the cosmos make up for it later and if so, how much later?

I watched a show that I think I will like "Secret Millionaire." I really hadnt planned on liking it or watching it. It just happened that something I hated more than "reality TV" was on... "award shows!!!" Other than Extreme MakeOver, I haven't seen that many successful "positive" examples of TV. You look at what America exports to the rest of the world; no, I mean other than our jobs and welfare. I mean "sex, candy, rock-n-roll, drugs, bibles, ideologies and laxnesses mixed with hipocracies, chased by strong dark drinks on ice with a do-it-to-them-before they do-it-to-you mentality so long as its all about me" mindset. No, this wont be a "preachy" blog but your mind might be pricked into further thought.

Anywho, these millionaires would come into some far less fortunate situation and lie about who they are to gain these poor folks' trust. As they come to understand the true grit of the folks' lives, they decide to donate money to the problem/situation, which ever the case may be. Ironicly, some of these folks really needed their help and their benevelance. I remember this one preacher in Louisiana who had lost everything in the hurricane but gone out of his way to help everyone else. Ironicly I had stood pretty close to where his home used to be in Louisiana. The pictures do it no justice to stand in the middle of that much chaos and destruction. The only thing more amazing that people get up from that with hope is the tradgedy that most of it is STILL in chaos and destruction. Another great story was about a coach that had brought together 3 rival highschools to form one team on a shoestring budget because schools and equipments had been destroyed. It is amazing what people CAN accomplish; very disappointing what they WILL do. (back darkness, BACK!!!! ) Its good to see prayers answered anyway God chooses to do it; even when its not what WE actually had in mind or are comfortable with.

hidden in plain view

...the easiest way to hide the truth is in plain view...
unfortunately, the same is true for hiding lies....

Its ironic that the millionaires were more concerned with going back and telling these folks that they had been untruthful with them since they met. I do believe that (believe it or not) most millionaires are based on solid work ethic and a desire to do good; but the task is daunting to decifer where and who really will do good things with such gifts. This show illuminates the goodness in hearts while ensuring some ratings capital full of emotional punching bags for weary viewers. I suspect most folks were probably watching stars get awards and promote themselves; so I am amazed that they put the show in that timeslot. I think if I won the lottery, this show may have given me some more ideas about what to do with the money. The only question that remains is what will the money change in the generosity of the people who receive it? I guess we'll just have to see....

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Linda Russell said...

Nothing energizes like taking your mind off yourself and helping someone else.
We will do so many things in the name of others that we would not do for ourselves.