Friday, October 27, 2006

What Does Giving Require?

"It takes some living to get good at giving..."

My illustrious, pensive, co-worker (PCW) made a statement this morning that was "blog-worthy" and true. There are those in popular culture that seem to reinforce this phrase. I know that for me it has many implications and so far, all of the ones I can think of are quite positive; even if they are not widely held popular. So the blog begins....

I don't know that I have lived a full life; but I sure would like to think so. Yes, many mistakes lead to much wisdom (mistakes that lead to learning and change), many adventures (for me, anything unknown or uncharted territories) led to many tall tales (most true), and many experiences (few to be told) led to curiousities of things seen and unseen; but a deeper understanding of people and just plain human natures :D (smiley face).

Anyway, "it takes some living to be good at giving" is particularly true in that we come to realize our own similarities to everyone else we spend time thinking that we are better than. This realization teaches and aids our ability to be less judgemental and more compassionate. Now, that doesn't mean become a doormat; but it builds in a few more chances for the average Joe. You catch my drift, I can tell. We all make mistakes; hopefully not the same ones over and over again.

They say "experience is the best teacher..." They are probably right! I have tried to read about many things; but hey, I am a card carrying "show me the picture, I love comic book communication varsity geek." A picture is worth a thousand words. I learn from experience and pictures communicate that experience to me in a way that is more complete than just text. [actually there are circumstances that I prefer the written word — it's just a more internal communication; but that's not in this blog (right eyebrow raises slightly) some of you know what I mean; the others — ignorance is bliss (smile) :D]

Not only does living enhance our ablilities to give, forgive, expect, explain, think, rethink, develop and regurgitate; it is a source of continuing hope; like an empty highway with only a dashed yellow line of memory going beyond the hilltops into our futures changing everything before us to what comes after us. What resembles our "ripple effect..." (Hmmm...that sounded a little off the deep end. But again, some of you know what I mean; others — ignorance is bliss.) [It's kind of odd to have a conversation with your own converstating fingers....but maybe thats just an odd normal :)] Whew!!! I have gotta land this plane.

Anyway, in closing, I reminded my PCW (refer above if you forgot), that the same is also true of older women. Having had several experiences with various ranges, I am of the strong statistical reflection of its truth and the truth of the phrase itself. There was a song "Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers" by or at least should have been sung by Ronnie Milsap or Meryle Haggard. It's not that they necessarily know more; but life has given them a greater capacity to be more giving (usually really good cooks too :D). They been through some [substitute your own explicatives here] "goat gravy." Here is one of the verses of the song...

So baby don't you worry about growin' older
Those young girls ain't got nothin' in you
'Cause it takes some livin', to get good at givin'
And givin' love is just where you could teach them a thing or two.

Alas, the runway is close, the plane descends, the tires smoke at contact. It takes some living to be good at giving. Live everyday like its the last (it may be). There are few occassions more special than "now" so be good to the ones you love, love the ones you hate, and meet somebody new daily. That's all I got and I am leaving with it.

Hmmm....what if I did some living in somewhere sunny all the time.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who talks to myself :)

I stumbled across you, figuratively, at Critique My Blog.