Monday, October 09, 2006

Innocence is Bliss

I went to my nephew's harvest festival this weekend. There were kids everywhere. They were having a blast. There were hayrides, jumping blowup things, rock-climbing, petting zoos and crafts galore! I even tried the rock wall myself. Unfortunately, I was NOT successful much to my surprise and about 100 viewers...but my brother Chris was! We all had a great time. I remember us growing up together cutting grass, riding bicycles, adventure hiking in the woods and jumping ditches—ah...the good ole days.

I couldn't help but drift back to a simplier time watching all the little ones running around full of wonder and excitement. It was a great age, no responsibilities, no major problems or even important decisions to be made—just have fun and play. The frame of knowledge and the wisdom of life's mistakes yet to be formed make it an ideal innocence much freer from adult worries or concerns. What a great time in life. It is a treasure worth protecting and ensuring that every child gets to experience and be able to look back on and smile.



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