Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alligator Dreams

It was 5am when I twisted awake under the warm covers on the still-dark Wednesday morning. It was way too early to get up...almost 2 hours ahead of schedule. Naturally, it makes you think you have more time than you do. Needless to say, sitting still in the long trail of tail lights in the low-hanging fog in lanes designed for much faster speeds—I had time to reflect. Of course, I looked around at the people doing the same around me. What a variety of expressions and dispositions. I loved the fog. As I have said before, it's like magic the way things are hidden and revealed by it. What a substance. Yes, it had probably caused someone to wreck miles ahead; but I enjoyed it anyway.

I have this antique I purchased some time ago of a little boy riding an alligator. Its made from cast iron I think. It's simple but it speaks volumes. Children have the ability to ride alligators. In fact, they can make the most threatening of animals/people into friends. I don't know if its the innocence or the naivity. Children just seem to be able to accumulate more of the mystical energies than we older lads and lasses. Is it that there are fewer barriers built up or dreams crushed? Who knows! But looking at the doggone thing makes me smile as I remember "Don't ever stop dreaming; always keep reaching."

In life, we are faced with many monsters. Some of them, if not all, can be tamed if we just had enough innocence or naivity. It sure makes quite a statement to come riding in on a huge monster that happens to be an ally too. That tends to decrease other potential creatures from becoming much bigger or even approaching. Knock out the biggest guy first and the rest will go away or befriend you. It's like arriving at your problem in a get the picture. It's my long day and I am thankful that it's a GOOD DAY full of good news and looks even better behind the glass.


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Joel said...

I like that one--A lot---

Great analogy