Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday Morning Sipping:
100% Caffeinated

Sunrise Sip

Its an early Wednesday Morning. The sun is bright and the sky so blue you could see the tears of every country music song. The air has a chill of absence; yet the day is full of possiblility. I spent the morning reminding myself of more important things. Its easy to forget as we age that we are not locked into any one particular thing, event, career, life or otherwise. The universe is constantly moving around us not completely linear but circular; the past, the present and the future at our fingertips at any moment. Though we have invested time and memory into a route, we may choose a different direction at any time. That is one of those things time and age easily rob our matured conditioned minds.
Drink Coffee - 100% Caffeinated

Grab a sip!

So I sit here sipping this hot coffee trying to reinvent the energy of my youth and childhood to be reincarnated into my aging vessel of 49.5 years on a spinning ball of mud flung out into space. There is so much opportunity all around us if we have the courage and determination to reach out and sieze it. Sometimes we let what we dont know get in the way of just doing and trusting that we will and can figure it out as we go.

It is these moments we cherish the little things and smile. The chill of the morning is warming. The silence being filled with people arriving to the office. The solace being erased by the noise of activity. Its good to be 100% Caffeinated!


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