Thursday, November 20, 2014

An End to the Silence

It's terrifying; defiling the perfection of empty space. Watching the purity of the nothingness slowly click away one character at a time as words begin to fall out of the crevices of twisted brain trenches from depths not easily observed. The curtain of thoughts of inadequacies as a backdrop watching the thoughts pour out onto the desolate plane of whiteness. All I can hear are the clanks of the keyboard, the persitent breaths so audible from the plugged in earplugs from my ipod attempting to blot out any distractions in the cool morning hold of the office. It is a stern hold, almost insistent but not too firm; locking my body in corporate position as my mind unravels in far less sterile manners.

It has been so long that I cannot recall where all the words once came from before. Even now, I wonder where they are hidden; could I somehow find this secret place and edit it prior to leaking from quivering blunt fingertips. No such luck. I will chose not to stifle its path, letting it unwind as it will, just like the persistent breaths blocking out the nosie of the day. So many thing shave happened. So many lives have changed. Everything has ebbed and flowed at the design of the universe unseen; though some would argue due to cause and effect.

It is as the sea; infinitely powerful and vast, but limited and precious. Like most things precious, it is not thought of often enough, but horribly missed once gone; if not, essential. It stretches to the horizon, stretched over forever and not long enough, crashing against our lives like weak pebbles littering the beaches of eternity grinding our corners into smooth edges just before the inevitable consumption of time and consequence. The sea rages in noise and silence, in terror and peace, life-giving and taking...maybe returning to what we once were.