Friday, October 25, 2013

But Joy Comes in the Morning

Nashville Tn

The morning sunrise is magnificent! The grey, solemn skyscrapers morning-stretch into the pale blue sky still chilled from the frigid night before. The black and grey streets lift dark skirts to show their white and yellow lines to the light of day. There are no sounds of chirping birds; only the sound of the morning garbage truck rumbling with its backing-up beep detailing its position and actions. A morning train whistle blows a low bass tone like a soundtrack to some odd B movie waiting on the confusion of realities to become apparent to the unapparent. A Johnny Cash or Springsteen song and a cup of coffee perhaps would have added to such a witnessing morning. It is the kind of sunrise ANY desperate heart would long to see in the morning hours after some infinite night battle of clearing carnage.

The beautiful warm light crawls up the sides of the silent skyscrapers, painting their tinted windows with shades of yellow and orange. The coolness of the pavements ushers its way back into the shadows like roaches who have been disturbed. Oh what a glorious sunrise! The light bleeds back into the night sky and I see the birds soar on the winds without utterance. Morning jets accent the orange hues with white lines to underscore the vastness of the sky that lies beyond my morning view. The blue sky darkens into a more emotional blue; like postcards that have surely been enhanced and the sun becomes radiant on its way to its noon throne. Its Friday morning and what a beautiful one its going to be. It is a gift yet to be unwrapped, a mystery yet to be solved, a day yet to be lived and smiles yet to be shared. I bid thee a fine top of the morning.