Friday, February 18, 2011

Folly, Frolic and Fridaku

courtesy of Mother Nature Network

I must confess upfront of my embarrassment over not regularly blogging this year. I plan to change that shortly. Its not from an abundance of stimuli. In my location, it is the nexus of everything possible and did you see that. It keeps the weeks pretty interesting. We like that. No two days are ever alike and a great conversation is always just around the corner with our group. Thats another thing to be thankful. It is rare that you can enjoy what you do surrounded by who you like. There are very few ways to make it better sans a crystal blue ocean, a distant sea gull, efficient waiters and a great wi-fi.

What a wonderful time to be alive. I cannot imagine being able to see Alexander G. Bell or Tessler beholding what they discovered having become so much more. It must appear like magic or witchcraft. Imagine trying to explain that a cellphone needs no wires; that people oceans apart could see images of each other in real time talking as if there was no distance or the harnessing of electricity in so many avenues, including solar energy. That would be worth a million conversations. In my short lifetime; I think back to the first black and white tv we owned, the first cellphone in a huge bag that was more like weight-training than technology or the first fax machine (and lets be honest-they were horrible) transmitting images from one place to another or the old polaroid camera that could snap a picture and develop before your eyes. Those were the days. Days of a pleasant memory that would allow you to appreciate the present technology and its advancements.

I know it wont be long before kids will have no idea of what a phone booth, fax machine, light bulb, gasoline, walking in public parks, skipping rocks or personal conversations in public. The smaller the world has become through technology; the farther apart we have become. I barely know my neighbors, let alone anyone on the street. I can hardly be completely where I am for answering or sending a text message or taking a call. I can hardly enjoy a good movie for being disappointed in the special effects or some other seduction of technology. We live in great times; great good and great sad. To preserve our humanity, we may well have to retreat to the past someday when noone remembers what it once was.

Well its Friday again. That means that the cohort and I have a long honored tradition of haikus on Friday. Its a fun thing and somewhat an enjoyable activity. So without more rambling; on to the feat!

coffee watching

View Into Spring
Hot coffee now warm;
Cool sunshine soothing warm;
Watching people live.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

And Two Shall Become One

Another lovely day passes with its special reasons for existing. February 14th is Valentine's Day. Aside from all the commercially steeped sentiments, I enjoy this holiday more than most. It reminds me of a kinder, gentler time when little boy and girls played together in the school yard watching bugs and eating dirt. As we are ushered into adulthood, we are forced to believe dirt is a bad dietary habit and playing is useless without motives; as for bugs, eat them or kill 'em if you even have time to notice one near that hasnt been splattered on my just washed car.

The wifey and I did a great painting class Friday night. We each had a canvas but the instructor suggested we each painted half to create a cool whole. Sounded interesting enough; so we did. Aside from the subject matter, there was more than enough room for the creative/artistic to exist even squeezed into two hours and a bottle of smooth wine. I ofter wonder about God's artistic nature; how He takes things that might seem completely unrelated, very dissimilar and from completely different worlds and creates something singular from that diversity. Two can be much stronger than one. Two allow one to rest at intervals while the other regenerates. There's nothing like a couple of peas in a pod — how cozy.

And just for those who thought I had forgotten; a belated Fridaku just for love's sake.
Melting Together
A single burning kiss,
Two become one in spirit;
a melting vapor.

The Smoldering Kiss

Antagonizing pleasure
Placed upon my lips
Where dreams come true
In just one kiss!

Sharing an afternoon of ecstasy
Closing the door on reality
Not even the thickest iceberg
Could melt the lust I feel inside!

I shed my fears faster than my clothes
The anticipation begins to unfold
My heart begins to pound faster
As you come closer

Just one look from your eyes
And I become hypnotized
A river of sins, to which I concede
Just one kiss, caused the undoing of me!

Your lips gently pressed against mine
A silent submission of tongues intertwined
My mouth tenderly pressed against yours
My voice trembles as you start to explore

Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine
An erotic dance of passing time
My heart's racing as fast as yours
My body's craving for something more!

Starving and Craving
For an evening
Of erotic bliss
Where dreams come true
In Just One Kiss.