Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Haikus!!!

There is an old familiar breeze in the air. Its the same one I look for every year about this time. There is a certain chill in the air that proclaims the end of all warm days for months to come. Yes, winter is almost here.

Title: First Sight of Halloween
Dead leaves blown along,
Black, cold, hard, and wet asphalt
Signal Halloween.

Title: The Face of Storms
Angry, round, black clouds
Severe winds without conscience
Bend trees, cities, men.

Title: Gothic Halloween
Dark souls rise aloft
Without censor, lust abounds
Clinching clean eyes shut

Friday, October 02, 2009

Titan Weekend III: Death of Fall

Tennessee Titans

The weekend is finally here. The morning was cool and rainy until the sun finally relieved the sky of its dullness. The day slides by like fresh pancakes on a butter-coated plate in the hand of a limp-armed waitress not paying attention. My lunch was soon over after a SuperSonic Cheeseburger and a Milky Way for dessert. I'm not sure which was better. the burger or the bar. The sun was gently warm as I rolled along with the window down and the wind chasing through the open windows of my vehicle. I sipped hot green tea that I had gotten at my favortie coffee shop prior to eating. It was a great combination; besides it was green tea, so it's good for you too. Most folks at the office are out of place today. That only adds to the ease of a day shuffling away until I get back to my dearest Pickle.

It's another TN Titans weekend. That anticipation, if any, can be positive or negative given the lack of success thus far. Not that I care much about such things; cause I don't. Sure if its on or down to the end of the season, I am more inclined. So is the way of the geek. I would rather be drawing, reading or cooking. (yeah, I know, but its not really as lilly as it sounds. I would just rather be in the game than the sidelines or spectating) I anticipate that the Jaguars will be victorious by a field goal; but we shall see. Good luck, Titans! The best part for me of watching a game (if I must) is stroking my woman's hair as we sip wine or eat popcorn and chocolate. Popcorn and chocolate or ice cream and Ruffles Potato Chips are hard to resist...but that's another story like melted Chocolate and Chopsticks.

That's all the rambling I've got till the next moment of more. With hopes of a great workout and quality time with the queen; perhaps we meet some strange new folks to laugh with.

Sumer's Last Breeze

the warm yellow sun,
the cool casual breeze mild
grass, trees, leaves browning.

Friday is special for a lot of reasons. Get more for your Friday with even more Fridaku. Want more haiku?