Thursday, May 14, 2009

3-D: the new dictator!

If you've been watching tv lately, you might have noticed a lot of 3-D words showing up everywhere. I first noticed it on FRINGE. Now everyone is getting in on the act.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer's Better Stuff!

summer sun

The golden rays of the sun are smiling upon us. This day is almost perfect. It's only imperfections will end around 4 o'clock which will be too late to have enjoyed what will be gone by then. I have no doubt that we will be treated to a spectacular sunset at the end of all this. Outside I can hear the roar of Harley's going by on some mission of leisure to some place of more leisure.

lounge lizard day

People are funny. They like "stuff"! I like "stuff"! We never seem to get enough "stuff." I noticed Snapple's new commercial last night as I whinced a mimicking grin. They discovered "better stuff;" in spite of already having produced "good stuff;" this "new stuff" was actually "better stuff!" No that's great marketing. For all we know, they didnt change anything; but we have something new to think/talk about..."better stuff." I think everyone trying to find better stuff somehow. Kentucky Fried Chicken now has "baked chicken," which seems like an oximoron to me. I guess one could argue that McDonalds was selling "hamburgers" that had no "ham" in them; so we should be suprised now that they are made from real beef! (or at least, that's what we're told) I won't even get started on the chicken nuggets.

Snapple, Better Stuff

Better stuff! That's the stuff of genius! We as people never seem to be satisfied. I guess thats why none of us were born perfect. Would we all die of boredom or become who we are now? What if we were perfect before? Some say babies are perfect before being cast out of Eden into this Inferno of Dante of a world. The grass on the other side of the fence is made out of better stuff. My neighbor's house is better stuff than mine. If I had my brother's job, I could buy better stuff.... See how natural the quest for "better stuff" is and how easily it reflects our every motivation. Even "Heaven" is "better stuff" than this stuff on earth....

...my kung fu is strong...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Doing FISH!

old friends

It has been an incredibly beautiful day, despite the absence of the Pensive for a couple of days. The sky has been littered with huge puffy clouds with warm sunshine looking around every edge. Its one of the surest signs that summer is back. That crystal blue, those pearly clouds and that unmistakeable smell in the air of energy. Its no secret that I love energy. I would probably O.D. on it if I could. The only thing better about summer than making new friends are the times you spend with the "old" friends. Some folks you can not see for eons of time and when you get together, its just like yesterday.

There's a million reasons that people lose touch and sometimes even part; any of which may seem or be very valid at that moment. Some are worth going back for if its possible; and sometimes its not. I'm a possibility thinker; so I tend to think yes, it can happen. In my 40+ years, there are only 4 that I have lost touch with and most of those I have reclaimed and vise versa (or at least I hope). Some where out there, beneath the pale blue .....

Dan McGuinness Nashville
Our Thursday Habit, Dan McGuinness!

Anywhoo...one of my favorite discoveries during a very turbulent time in my working career is an irish pub. I didnt know everyone's name but we all knew each other's face. You could eat outside and listen to live music under the unfathomable cloak of a Music City sky. Today I had the privaledge of being there again. Thursday is their "fish day" all day for only $6.00!!! Boy is it batter-fried tasty! Better than the food was the company of an old friend M. B. Great food and good friends are a fantastic combination. Time was limited but it was worth a lifetime of laughs.

Old friends are great! They "get" you already. There's no explanations or being shy; sometimes words arent even required. Old friends have seen you at your best and worst and you've laughed about them all together. Thats one of the rare treasures in this life. Old friends are harder to fool because they really know who you are all too well. The good news is that it goes both ways and thats what makes great relationships; the ability to love beyond faults. Thank God, cause I'm never gonna be perfect and besides, the thought of that bores me. I was created for the unexpected and I like it just that way.

Here's a cheers to you all and you know who you are..."cheers" mates!