Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dressed to Hire

I stood in my quaint tower with my eyes peering down at the city streets below. I noticed one well dressed man, slightly over weight walking from building to building. He was definitely a "salesman." I saw no evidence of his vehicle. That was early this morning around 9:45. By lunchtime I saw the same guy still walking. It was then it occurred to me that perhaps he wasnt a salesman. He was clearly on a mission. The day is somewhat breezy; but not so nice that you wouldnt drive to the next appointment. He must be selling himself!

Our economic times have caused most of us to be more considerate of our disposable income. In fact it may no longer be classified as "disposable" but "necessary." Restaurants are a little bit emptier. Planes a bit lighter and etc. Even the blessed may feel the hint of stress. We love money; dont let anybody kid you. Its the only thing God points out as an "equivalent" in serving in my casual recall. Money is a strange taskmaster. The more you have, the more you get; if you're without it, you want it. Its like green air — necessary and/or critical. A man can live on shallow breaths but he thrives on full deep breathing.

Good luck, Mr. There are more folks hunting/searching and unemployed than ever. Some will have to invent their own jobs, some will find a suitable job, others will do whatever is left. Many are going back to school; great idea if you can afford not to go on living. These are challenging times, but they will end and the sunshine will return. We will prevail!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fridaku Fitness

Well its Friday and you know what that means. A few weeks ago, my pensive cohort mentioned Friday Haikus as a new idea. I wasn't really sure he was keen on the idea until he mentioned it today. SO I penned the term Fridaku to combine our Friday focus. Thus welcome to Fridaku!

Fitness Rush
Thick, rich, red, flowing;
Thumping heartbeats pound harder
Intense workout good.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Amplified Persepctive

Amplified perspective: A dynamic and dramatic illusionistic effect created when an object is pointed «irectly at the viewer.

We spend our lives trying to get things set. That is to say, we try to get things like we "think" they should be and that the universe owes us to keep it as we expect our illusions to remain. We assume that if we work hard, be good people, attend our local churches and be good neighbors, fathers, mothers, siblings and friends that the universe "owes" us that perceived illusion of comfort and stability. For most of us it is inconceiveable to be comfortably set and wake up the next morning with absolutely nothing except life. Even with nothing but life, one gets a chance to change or increase.

I was listening to a podcast Friday which I heard a phrase that was memorable. Quoted from the podcast, this person was "recession proof." Til this date, I have yet to be recession proof. I dont know anyone personally that is recession proof; oops just thought of one, but only one. I dare say that such "proofness" is time sensitive. Sooner or later, we are all connected. This was a quote from a rockstar mogul. When his fans have no disposable income, then we shall see....

Murfreesboro Tornado

Anywho, Friday a huge tornado(s) roared through Murfreesboro, TN again! Seems like it was only two weeks ago that one touched down. The events that happen unexpectedly tend to refocus us on what is important vs what is desired. I stood in the ocean of rubble thankful for life and the daunting task of cleanup. I fared better than some; maybe most. On the way to our home, three blocks away looked like a false alarm. By two blocks away, part of a roof was sticking out the top of another house. Then it got much worse long before the shock had set in and spiders in the stomach. Turning onto my street, I saw just a hint of apocolypse. The air burned with sirens, crys and thick sadnesses.

Murfreesboro Tornado General Kirk

One's perspective can get switched really quick when times are this drastic. I am a street over from the mother and child who lost their lives. I talked to the last folks to see them alive who didnt realize the reality soon to come. Many wonder why babies die or bad things happen to children. I dont know either; but everything has its reasons. Tornadoes definitely arent choosy; but they do seem precise. There would seem no rhyme or reason how it jumps one house and takes the next two, skips a tree and takes the home behind it, etc. Somehow the aftermath encourages us to forget our differences and ourselves for a moment before returning to the all consuming rat-race of futility.

thinking lizard