Friday, August 31, 2007

SIZE Matters & Friday Fixins' an ALL!

Size Does Matter! Ok...no; this blog isn't about that, at least not directly....I leave you to your own inclinations...

Well its Friday and its been a monster of a week. In spite of being exhausted, I have survived and even flourished....but I guess that's not unusual or news-worthy. Major traffic accident on the commute in...only noteworthy til the next recent accident.....hmmm..[WARNING!!! rambling blogger on the lose!]

Size Matters! Some sayings are immortal because they are always true in some respect. I grew up in the country so you hear all kinds of stories and see all kinds of things, typically starting out with, "hey, watch this..." Anyway, you don't use a machine gun to hunt rabbits or dear (oops) deer, you don't kill flies with bazookas, and you don't go ballistic at a mere infringement. You also don't intimidate a hummer with a VW beetle.

However; the dark side of such a statement is just this: Size matters; but tradgicly wasted/destructive when powered by small minds. For instance, an idiot in an Armada backs over somebody in a wheelchair while applying lipstick. Tradgic. Anyway, you don't need me to give you examples along with your own 4 million. But let's just smile at the truths behind it all and nod that we understand - we're on the same page. I hate to see good things go to waste. Hmmm...like football careers of talented athletes....

Lastly, since size matters; be respectful of it. Don't park a hummer in a compact. Don't throw midgets at gorillas and don't confuse Uncle Sam with Uncle Tom. Size matters. Words matter. Timing matters. Identity matters. Being stupid matters. Stupid matters matter. Matter matters.

So much for a most unusual Friday and its untypical circumstances that I cant tell you about anyway — you might believe me. So on to the fixins for your lickins....




1/2 cup butter, softened
3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill weed
3 cloves garlic, minced
6 fresh ears of corn, with husks on

Stir together first 3 ingredients; cover and chill 8 hours.
Remove husks from corn. Grill corn, uncovered, on a lightly
greased grill rack over medium heat about 10 minutes or
until corn is tender, turning occasionally. Serve with
herbed butter.

Yield: 6 Servings
Category: Vegetables, Grill

apple crumb pie




4 Johnathan apples
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 prepackaged pie shell, thawed

Crumb topping:
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup flour
1/3 cup butter

Cut apples in 1/8 and arrange in a pastry lined pan. Mix
the 1/2 cup of sugar with the cinnamon. Sprinkle over the
apples. Mix all topping ingredients together until crumbly
and spread out over the apples. Bake at 400 degrees for
40-50 min.

Yield: 1 Pie
Categories: Desserts, Pies, Apples

Well, that wraps up another Friday Fixins'! May your weekend be filled each other and love for your brothermen. May your weekend be only the beginning of a spectacular week. May your weather be gracious to you and yours.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday...and Counting...

remote control plane

This weekend I get to spend some time with one of my little nephews, Christopher. We always have a good time. His favorite games are ATV and Police Chase on PS2. He can actually drive pretty well with his hand eye coordination. A few weeks ago when I was visiting, I broke his remote control plane that wasnt flying well. I assumed part of the reason was that it just needed a harder throw....I was wrong; it certainly didnt need that. Luckily I replaced it with a plane that I anticipate will make him very happy.... Isn't it people who give the gifts they wanted the best gifters.

When I was a kid, we didnt have much. There were some things I always liked and always wanted. Remote control was always at the top of the list. I once thought I would go into that field. Anything that flew was another definite win. I once thought about being an Air Force pilot or astronaut. By all means, fast things rocked. Race car drivers all begin with Hot Wheel car sets. One of my favorites was a wind up Evil Knievel toy I had growing up. Growing up nerd, I learned all my trees, insects, constellations and such. Most of these things still fascinate me. I hope I never grow tired of exploration and learning new things.

Its Thursday and Friday is just around the corner. It will be time to cut the grass at last. It's the first time its been green in some time. I am not sure I should cut it....but the neighbors have; so I must. Today, I will probably do some things for my wife, workout, eat, relax, graphic design and fall comfortably asleep.

Vegas Lizard

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reflections of Tomorrow

I had the pleasure of seeing my stepfather this past weekend in Las Vegas. He was my first friend in the new family. We agreeed to always talk especially if we disagreed. He honors me by honoring my father. That I will never forget. I have noticed, as with most trips to see those who have trodded life before me, the passing of time and the clues no longer so subtle of its presence passing. I have stared into faces, even my own, watching what must be trapped beneath in a machine that no longer follows my commands or whims. I have stared into eyes, even my own, that have seen things unsaid to the conscious curious on-lookers of things past and yet to come. I have stared into crevices, even my own, of lines time has etched into faces, knuckles and skin no longer prime. So it is that we must all travel such a road. SO it is that all were born to expire. So it is that nothing can change the credentials of time's passing. It comes to every one of us.

It changes you to see strong things weak. It is even frightening to realize "if them; then what of me?" It changes you to see the humanity in things once invincible; but we are all made of the same "stuff;" thus we also must be or will be weak. It changes you when you experience true helplessness in the face of those who would trust you for help. I can think of no pleasant times in such cases. Only the ships that have sailed before me blink at my soon coming. Soon my best heroes will have ceased; as will I, first existing in memories then fading into an occassional story, then nothing...as though I was never here.

2 fathers

I have only seen my father cry a very few times. I have only seen him truely hurt or be in pain or admit it very few times. Those stick with me like only yesterday. I remember watching my mother in her last days of agony as her fist son looked on helplessly and silently hurting along with her; mostly because there was nothing he could do to ease hers. She always remarked about how if anyone could, he would; but this time he would be as helpless as all the rest, as powerless as not existing...not even special. Some pains are too deep to curl the frown upwards. Sometimes, time and pain go hand in hand; nothing stays the same forever except forever.

2 fathers

Sure, occassionally I can lighten the mood with a comment or joke or funny expression. None of those stop the persistent march of time, painting the lines of living and dying into our mortal canvas only to be folded into the dough of eternity. I shall miss both my fathers. They have been my biggest supporters. Their strengths have given me strength...their pains have given me the ability to rise again and again. They are quite different; but really similar. Both stubborn. Both survivors. Both love their families. Both self-sacrificing. Both more than honorable men. Both something to look up to and imitate. But all the leaves fall from the trees in autumn no matter how good the spring and summer. That is the order of things and that I understand. We are all born to fall; to lay sleeping in eternity after running across the floors, blinking til our time.

Isn't it odd that we always want what we can't have. Most young can't wait to be old. Most old would give anthing to be young again. It never matters how many times you hear the stories; the end never changes. We are all born "human," blinking til we are something else.

This is an ode to a great blog on this subject. click here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Buggy TN Morning

bug travels fast

I rolled into the office topless this morning and it was great. Its easy to see how one might become addicted to such exposures. The wind, the sun, and the onlookers all in one failed glance. Once the dark sunglasses fell into place, so did the speedometer. Let it ride! The sunrise was sparkling. The hum of man and machine in synchronicity at its best. Its been a great car! In fact, I cannot imagine not having it. I guess everyone hasnt been so fortunate in bug purchases; afterall I keep hearing these horror stories about electrical problems and the like. Not here; but its paid for and so have at it!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vulcan Again!

Hmmm...well, did I mention that I have a new spa :D! Saturday I got my eyebrows done at a new spa in town. I can't wait to read the brochure and see all the services they offer. OK OK Ok...I can hear you from here. Let me take this little moment to clue you in on how I roll. Always do the best with what you got. Take care of yours; it isn't anybody elses. Everybody else can talk about you; but you get to talk about you, look at you and put up with you — so take care of number uno! Besides, you know what they say about cleanliness...

Hmmm...where was I. Oh yeah, its Wednesday and I wish it was Friday; but I am still handlin' my business. There's alot to be said for hot wax; I will even give some props to teasers (oops, I meant tweasers). Such a pleasant experience. I can't reccomend male care/grooming enuf. You might be surprised at the results. Soon I will be giving out cold vulcan stares. [ ha ha ha ha mooohaa haa haa...I heard that].

Unfortunately, it feels like I have been fighting something all week; other than exhaustion. That must mean eat more and workout harder (ancient mickey remedy). Oh well. That's all I got today or at least all I am tellin'. Might be time for some good ole chicken soup too!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For we see thru a glass vaguely...

Emily Rose: Exorcism

It's a beautiful day despite sleeping very little. The truth is that I require very little sleep. This Tuesday is thought provoking. I revel in the thrill of just creating — whether its growing a plant or creating a document. I haven't been able to pen down a mood this week...it's as though I am fighting something I cannot see. I am sure I mentioned this before but I like the idea of hunting and slaying demons. I think they know that and are still trying to figure out how much of that is real and how much of a scaredy cat would I be if they actually showed up, or "manifested" as the demon-educated would say.

I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose, based on a true story this weekend. My stepson said it terrified him. I guess I was more fascinated than terrified since I have seen some of these things before. It actually made me a little excited. I knew they knew I was watching it and thinking about them. Since, I have had a hyper-sense or two that something entered or was watching. I guess I dont have enuf sense to be terrified. My only fear would be for those around me. Afterall; they don't play fair...something I love and hate about them. It was refreshing to see a movie that didnt make wiennies out of the God-focused people. The priest never backed down; he never lost focus or identity; and he never recanted. He stayed true to the truth in spite of the circumstances or consequences. Don't be fooled; the truth always costs. Lies one tends to pay for in increments; the truth is a lump sum. I need to do some research on the actual story of the posession and its victims. I am reminded of a book that also need to just own. They Shall Cast Out Demons by Derek Prince. Fantastic book with some very spiritually-powerful stuff; not for the faint hearted or just pure experimenters....stuff really happens! The overarching punchline: if one exists; so must its opposite — isnt that refreshing? It's one of the most sustantial proofs of God; if you choose to ignore all the other beautiful and intricate things around us everyday, including ourselves.

demon scream

Anyway, on this side of the sunshine, I am reminded to just be thankful. I am thankful for a great wife. I am thankful for a break in the triple digit temperatures and and my flowers getting some natural rain. I am thankful for life, health and strength. I am just getting back onto a fantastic workout schedule. Now I just need to make my biblical reading more solidified in my morning routine along with crunches and some Kona coffee. I must say, a warm, beautiful wife does tend to make one less committed to gettng up early or more properly said — more required to be more disciplined to get up and do what is necessary to honor and keep all the things to be so thankful for. The universe has rules...and they bend for noone or thing for very long. Beware the darkness; it has eyes and teeth. If you see it; then it has already seen you. We would much prefer our illusions.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Fixins!

Welcome to Friday again. Another whole week has shot by and here comes a hot dry weekend again!




2 cups vanilla wafer crumbs
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
14 ounces individually wrapped caramels
1 (5 ounce) can evaporated milk
1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened

Melt the butter or margarine, and combine with the cookie
crumbs. Press into the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan.
Melt the caramels with the evaporated milk in a 1 1/2 quart
heavy saucepan over low heat. Heat and stir frequently until
smooth. Pour caramel sauce into crust, and top with pecans.
In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla;
beat well until smooth. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well
after each addition. Melt the chocolate, and blend into cream
cheese mixture. Pour chocolate batter over pecans. Bake at
350 degrees for 40 minutes. Loosen cake from the edges of
pan, but do not remove rim until cooled. Chill completely.

Yield: 9-inch Cheesecake
Category: Cakes, Desserts
The Daily Recipe Website




6 ea Chicken breasts
1/2 c Onion, chopped
1/2 c Celery, chopped
3 tb Butter
3 tb White wine, dry
7 1/2 oz Crabmeat, flaked
1/2 c Herb stuffing mix
2 tb All-purpose flour
1/2 ts Paprika
1 pk Hollandaise sauce mix
3/4 c Milk
2 tb White wine, dry
1/2 c Swiss cheese, shredded
1 x Salt
1 x Pepper

Skin & bone chicken breasts; pound to flatten. Sprinkle with
a little salt and pepper. Cook onion and celery in 3T butter
until tender. Remove from heat; add 3T wine, the crab and
stuffing mix, and toss. Divide mixture among breasts. Roll
up and secure. Combine flour, paprika. Coat chicken. Place
in 11" X 7" X 2" baking dish , drizzle with 2T melted butter.
Bake uncovered in 375 degree oven for 1 hour. Transfer to
platter. Blend hollandaise sauce mix, milk. Cook, stirring,
until thick. Add remaining wine and cheese. Stir until cheese
melts. Serve over chicken.

Yield: 6 Servings
Category: Chicken, Main Dishes
The Daily Recipe Website

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Has The Press Changed the Constitution?

It seems that not a single week passes without some scandal coming to light: Michael Vick and dogfighting, ministers using church funds for family wedding, Pacman Jones, etc....there's no shortage of questionable behaviors or decisions. Wouldnt it be nice if every station devoted at least ONE story to "good news." Well I have too much to say on these subjects and your patience would not endulge me.

— Meanwhile: —
I did watch a show that I believe is really amazing. In fact, other similar shows didn't make it and got cancelled for whatever reasons; but this one is a trooper. I don't typically like reality shows (with the exclusion of police chases and candid camera). Extreme Home Makeover What a show. It's nice to see selfless people get a good deal! Great job, Ty. Somehow the sponsors havent taken over this show or robbed it of its immense heart. The jest of the show: In a race against time on a project that would ordinarily take months to achieve, a team of designers, hundred's of workmen and even the neighbors, have just seven days to completely renovate an entire house - every single room, plus the exterior and landscaping for a deserving family nominated by friends and family.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why Not Be Happy...Start Laughing....

Some things just make you like they are just because of what they are. Take this for instance; if you're not laughing, surely they make a pill for that. What about a baby entering a room and a bunch of adults suddenly talking jibberish. It's no wonder babies can't talk. I have found most times that through imitating the physiology of various emotions, I can experience the emotion. Are our body languages creating our emotions or vise verse? Can one be used to create the other in either order? I have told some that just smiling and looking up with the biggest and goofiest smile alters my mood. Its hard to be mad or depressed smiling.

So go laugh a little; even at yourself. I PROMISE, you will feel better.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ideas: The Power of Them!

Ahhh...Wednesday. Hmmm...today is riddled with business. IN SPITE of that, I had a few thoughts.

What is the power of an idea? Your first thought might be: "big deal" "not much" or "so what." You might even think that none of that matters and everything is just an accident, choice or even fate! Hmmm...I am certainly not here to argue. So let's just "consider" together....
1900: electric cookers

1901: Marconi sends his first radio communication across the Atlantic ocean from England to Canada
Read about Guglielmo Marconi here more

1901: King Gillette invents a safety razor with a disposable blade
Read about King Gillette here more

1903: porcelain is used for teeth fillings

1906: the world's first hydrofoil, designed by Enrico Forlanini, cruised across a lake in Italy
Read about this inventor and his hydrofoil more

1906: W.K. Kellogg manufactures the first corn flakes
Go here to read about how corn flakes are made today, in Australia more

1914: the zip fastener is invented
Read about the invention of the zipper here more

1920: the first hand held hair dryer is on sale

1924: electric loudspeakers invented

Hmmm....while some of those seem mundane; try doing without most of them. Ahhh....the power of an idea — perhaps even the necessity of an idea. I suppose "America" and "freedom" and "democracy" were once just as such ideas.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hawaii Pictures at LAST!

Well I know I have been promising and promising; but I am finally delivering. Mind u, it is a work in progress. Pictures from our great Maui adventure.
Click Here...
I still miss it.... Now accepting free tickets to Maui or Hawaii.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mornings; Reflection Breakfast

It is the wink of the morning that splashes its colors across the near dark heavens filling us with at least the hope and/or opportunity for a better, new day. Its our chance to start all over again or at least do something differently. I love the colors of the morning...it's so "almost." It's a different blue, red, orange and black. Sometimes it would seem that the secrets of the universe are naked before they have a chance to become hidden. Cosmotic communication is easier in the early mornings; less interference and distraction. There's something about getting up at the crack of dawn--it seems to make a difference. Now I just need to work in breakfast.