Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Face Off

heat meiserSnow MieserChristmas is a time that our giving typically comes to the front. We are more apt to be sympathic to the needs of others. It is filled with icons we have held as tradition since childhood. Two very recognizable faces are these two guys. They are written about often during the holidays if not watched, rented or referred to. Once upon a time, cartoons were not so violent or well polished, just shining with simplicity and imagination.

Everybody's Fond Of These Two!

The Odd Normal
Wherever You Go!
Letters From A Broad
Oh Well...
Gecko's Page of Musings

The movie that these two amiable characters can be seen in:

Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey, Man, Let Me Hold A Dolla'...

friends walking foggy trail

I saw a bum on the street the other day and that's what he said. Relationships take time; good ones take a lot of time. Friends come in all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. I like having friends. They can really come in handy. They say access is better than ownership; and sometimes that is very true. Anyway, when I look back on my closest friends, I can see there is a consistent amount of time or maybe I should say "emotional intimacy" that connects us in addition to just liking being around or conversating with them. Some people just "get" you better than others. You find that your "energy" is more alike. NO, I don't care to have too many friends. A closed private circle with a broader outer perimeter is just fine for me. Yes, I work on some trust issues often.

Anyway, I used to own a truck. [ where is this going already? patient, I'll make it worth the work] For you that own or have owned a truck, this is going to make a lot of sense. It's funny how you suddenly have a lot more "friends" when you own a truck. Everybody finds a way to get your phone number and give you a call for a small little favor or two. Really for some people, you don't mind at all. They are "official members" of your friendship club. Now when someone calls that you haven't seen or talked to since forever; it's a little harder to offer that favor. In the immortal words from the Dogpound, "everybody got da cups; but they ain't chipped in..." Why do people expect something for nothing and why would you want something that costs nothing? Why would you want something no one else does? How can a person feel good about asking for someone's help knowing they have done nothing to deserve it? These are the people that only call you when they want something. What's worse; they stall the conversation with irrelevant banter that you know they care nothing about. Sometimes you just break in and say, "so what do you want?" Isn't it terrible when you look at the number and decide "voicemail" or "what is it now?" [oh, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about...]

Helping people is fine; but you know when you have become someone's crutch, their Burger King...whatever they want, they order it their way and you are just a server. Don't you hate it when people take advantage of your good nature, kindness and love? Ultimately, it's a slap in the face! They don't want to be around you; just the stuff you got or you can do...afterall, you're too complicated, too demanding or too judgemental or you might want something back. That's "keeping it real," right? Sorry, God.

I hope God doesn't get hurt feelings. We get too busy to spend time with Him, to read His words, to help others, etc. He's too complicated for my simple life. I got enough problems of my own without adding Him to the mix. Oh, I already committed to a party over there; I don't have time to fellowship or go to church. Explain what, oh just read it yourself, I'm running late. God who? I made this money! I got skills! God, oops....send it to voicemail. What does He want now? When I want Your opinion, I'll give it to you. NO, I don't want your advice, I would rather listen to "jacked-up Johnny," he knows some people who know some really good people with real cash. [ I think you get my drift...] What if God made a movie, "My Super Ex-God-Friend." Now that would be some mighty bad payback! The only way He can get any time now is through a little discomfort, a little tragedy, a bit of loss and a gallon of hard times. He HATES being a vending machine; that's not His gig! I really hope to be a better friend to Him in 2007. I will keep the candles burning.

lizard at desk

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two Things MUST Come Together

couple dancing mosaic

A beautiful dance requires the absence of minds and the unity of passions.

I drove in this morning listening to the Indigo Girls. Some really great music and even better lyrics. We can easily be seduced by music and not realize what the words are saying....but that's another blog. I was listening to the song Ghost and the wisdom in its powerful lyrics unraveled this blog for today that will bounce around but be quite focused on the necessity of "two." Check out this cool lyric; and there are many more:"...the Mississippi's mighty but it starts in Minnesota at a place where you could walk across with five steps down and i guess that's how you started like a pinprick to my heart but at this point you rush right through me and I start to drown..."

How often do our affections begin so innocently and even quirky. I remember the first time I spoke to my wife. Trust me, I'm no rocket scientist...but I remember not ever forgetting. But that wasn't enough, I would later find myself dancing with her for the first time and that I will never forget. I remember how time stopped, how the world vanished...much like a dream, people were everywhere but in slow motion and in black and white; my spot was in color without time, I don't even remember breathing. I remember the lightning running through my palm when our hands met in a classic tango position. Sure, I KNEW I was going to make her day; but mine was made instead. Without words, forever was spoken. (whew....ok breathe...come back....that's another blog, Micheal, stay on track....)

Anyway, two things must come together! Great music requires that there is an exchange...something happens. Either the musician pulls down something from the gulf of the cosmos or out of the chasm of living and unites that with honesty, sorrow, love or get the picture. Whatever the two things; nothing ignites before that moment. Fingers on guitar strings break the pace of the air around them. Piano keys are driven by the passion dwaddling their bi-racial surface. What is the mystery of music that we must have it everywhere, produce it from anything and constantly make more? Sure there are great solo musicians; but even they were reqired by the Law of Two to build and maintain their empires. if an ipod fell in a forest with no people; would there be music? Probably not.... Make music; not love — probably not....(those may be synonymous...) Yeah. Ok. Anyway, the Indigo Girls bring the full package...great music, talented musicians, incredible lyrics and a personal passion to be passionate about political and social issues. Cool beans. I will end this blog with words from another Indigo song titled "Galileo:" " long till my soul gets it right can any human being ever reach that kind of light I call on the resting soul of Galileo king of night vision king of insight how long, how long, how long ...."

My favorite people tend to be the artists and musicians (...aren't they the wierdest..?) They're are just made different. That whole beat of a different drum is not lost on the "creatives." Anyway, as two come together, think about the spark, think about the synchronicity and splendor of life and even more so; what kind of creator could have thought of so many things and made them with room for more. I stare into Christmas thankfully. I gaze into the New Year blinded by vision. I am looking forward to our next remember and to enjoy what is and was and will be. Keep the great music coming girls. Paint my emotions indigo.

Indigo Girls headshot

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Real Men Don't Split Hair

knockout woman

I listened to an incredible message about Faith this morning on the way into the office. Car-time is captive audience time. While I could be listening to mindless songs that conjour memories, desires or despair; I decided to feed my innards (that's Jethro for soul...spirit man...inner being). In fact, it's the same thing I listened to on the way home yesterday. In the immortal words of Jed Clampet, "That's the thang about possum innards; theyz just as good the second day!" ...and so it was. The sermon was on how Faith requires Love in action and the importance of Love above so many other things we dogmaticly pursue. Furthermore; the message went on to say that "fear" is nothing more than selfishness. Say you had a fear of flying; but in reality it doesn't bother you that I fly or anyone else. It is an infatuation with ourselves that "fear" is spawned. The rub goes like this: Planes fall out of the sky all the time; but what if it's the one "I" am on? Our concern for self makes its presence know in so many ways, many of which we never notice. I really don't need any help loving "me." Even when we hate ourselves, we are really focusing on ... "ourselves." How bizarre?

One thing is for sure: if you want something, you gotta go where it is. If you want to be a champion, you train with/against champions. Iron sharpens iron, not soap, silk or cotton. Why do we punk out when it comes to something that requires a "self-less" investment on our part? We are too afraid of what everyone will say. We are afraid of not getting the proper recognition or respect. We are afraid of being taken advantage of again? These are the foxes that steal our glory, our power and our identity! Take captive every thought. Man is given dominion over everything .... I'm sorry, did I say "everything," ...I meant to say everything on the earth. But if you don't know who you are; then you won't act like who you are. Our bodies follow our minds; no chicken or egg story lurking in the background. I'm only shoveling spades today! You want you some FAITH; go find somebody with some — to get some! You can't crawl in the mud and expect to shine like a pearl. If you hang with pigs, you're probably going to grunt.

Anyway, like the gladiators of today (football players, sportsmen), if you are faced with a losing season; go BACK TO THE BASICS. There is probably, no, definitely something you used to do that you "got too busy or too good" to do now. Go back and refresh your mind and see for yourself the springs of everlasting water rush over your puny form, enlivening it once more! Cry havok and let lose the wolves of GOOD!!!!!!!! Resistence is futile! So let it be written; so let it be done. You gotta get some, to give some! Fight or lay down and crawl out of the way! Don't proclaim if you're ashamed!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Aged-Exchange: Which End of the Truth?

It's funny being an adult. As I look back and remember all the sermons, lectures and suggestions from youth, I am confronted with an interesting truth. We fall all over ourselves telling children various things that we probably don't believe ourselves. It would be hard to remember one day that I did not hear one of these. Some of these are:
1). If at first you don't succeed; then try, try again
2). Never give up
3). Good always triumphs over evil
4). Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
5). Just grin and bear it
6). If you believe, then you can receive
7). Do as I say; not as I do

All of these are great ideas that we "try" to pass on to our children; if not cram it into their brains. In the end — most times — actions speak louder than words. It so much easier for a child to believe in these things; life hasn't had enough time to slap the innocence out of them. But is that really true? Sure we get pretty programmed after a few good knocks; but what if we REFUSED to let a few knocks program or determine how and what we believed about the world around us or even about ourselves. Sometimes we refer to "these people" as "idiots," "fools," and "imbeciles!"

Why is this such a big point? Well, bibically speaking, even Jesus challenges us to come unto him as a little child. Here in the real world, we throw up a hundred prayers and hope just one sticks like used pencils in a high ceiling. We ask typically out of conditioning or hopelessness without any real belief of something actually happening. In fact, "prayer" is more than likely the last resort or just a grace before a meal. How dare we actually do it first or even declare something to happen at an appointed time like NOW or this month. Scripture goes on to say, " have not; because you ask not..." Hmmm....

Why should kids get any more out of life than we long-suffering adults? Are they really more deserving? I don't have all the answers; but I am convinced that we are each here for a reason. Part of that "grand scheme" is to learn how to help each other while learning to trust and glorify Him. It is written, "without Faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God." If such a "tiny mustard seed" of Faith could blowup a mountain, sign me up for a dump truck load.

Now, clearly — we "logicists" know that just because I believe I can fly; I will not be jumping off any buildings anytime soon. Should we? What is it that is so attractive about X-treme sports? Is it the thrill and the faith that you will survive somehow, that you will do something amazing somehow, that somehow you are the first or best at something?

I am convinced that the best promises and feats are in the Bible. Copperfield never fed a multitude with fish or bread. Blaine never walked on the water. Angel never raised the dead. Houdini didn't come back. We do love to be entertained. We also love to be amazed and dazzled by ourselves. It would be nice to return to that level of belief, that of a child; but the wolves are at grandma's house.

The heart of a child can hold the foundations of the universe together.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Going the Wrong Way to Get Right

volkswagen bug with dinosaurs

mac macintosh logoI was reading my wife's blog this morning as the sun wrapped it's warm embrace around my shoulders through the shadow of the Batman Building. It could have only been made better with an extra-hot White Mocha from Starbucks...but I had a Sobe energy drink instead. Much like myself, she fought the blogging scene only to discover its severe healing abilities and release capabilities. She is quite the writer. Anyway, I really enjoyed the blog. I often refer to us by saying she is linear and I'm circular; that makes our diameter universal. It's kinda like the MAC and PC commercials [ all the Mac people grinned with "I got that"....].

Oh yeah, the point of this homage is based on these lines I find particularly exciting:
"Within a few minutes I went from scared, frustrated to excited and creative. A part of me was paying attention to the road, and a part of me was writing this blog. I began to think about how much our attitudes play into survival."

I like these lines because at their core, lies the juice of my excitement. It's that fine line between "Oh @%*#!" and "Yeah Baby!".....the point at which that other part of you or something else, takes over. I often reply that "I ain't lost if I got plenty of gas!" There is a thrill in the unknown and the process of discovering newness or common truths. We once took a vacation by drawing directions (N, S, E, W, NW, SE, SW, etc) from a hat and going to where ever we saw a sign that had the direction chosen from the hat. My practical wife lasted as long as she could with no plan and we ended up in Blacksburg, VA. She was concerned with "what if we drive right by the world's biggest ball of yarn and don't know it" and I was "so what, everybody else already saw it...its just tourist stuff; we're adventurers!" We had a fantastic time and discovered the greatest little Italian restaurant close to VTU with the best calazones I have ever NOT been able to finish. It was all nestled in a charming little shopping/artsy district with a two-story glass gym.

Ahhhhh...... We have endeavored to keep that kind of "yes, let's see" attitude even years later. I think it keeps relationships fresh. Sure there are things that have to be done and times they must happen; but reserve some time to just "be," to explore and discover together at the same time in the same place and separately occassionally. I have often remarked at a busy intersection, "its easier to go the wrong way to get to the right..." It's true on many levels...turning opposite traffic is easier by flowing with the momentum to a point of easiest turn downstream."

Ok...blah blah blah....[all that, to say this] Check it out for yourself, Wherever You Go: Going the Wrong Way to Get Right.

Life is best lived; not watched!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Send SNOW, The Icing on the Cake!

Here is a shot of our Christmas thus far. Outside done for this year; inside still in progress. I love the season of's the most wonderful time of the year!!

snowman, deer, frontyard

We love our snowman. It was fun planning it all together and doing the install.

Frosty stands 12.5 feet towering over me and the 3 blow-up reindeer stealing Santa's Sleigh.

The deer graze along a trial sentried by candy canes waiting for the snow to come. So are we all waiting for huge amounts of SNOW!!!

Dual Vision...Beyond the Now; Back to Then!

magic eye
Oh great and wonderful magic eye, please allow me to see your hidden image...."

This blog is inspired by my pensive co-worker. One particular line in his blog strikes a chord.
"How Strange It Is....Getting Older. I can look back on things in life, and not just forward."

I don't know why; but some things just wreak blog! I remember dreaming as a kid and wondering how it would all turn out. My first friends, comic books, would they be the only ones I would ever have or would I end up drawing for Marvel Comics with my best friend from high school? Would I be cutting yards for the rest of my life? Would I ever marry and what would that be like? When will I die and of what? What will it be like to lose a parent(s)? Will I ever travel beyond my raisings? Where will I end up living?

With age, life and experience, millions of questions are answered and a million more created. I was thinking about the Garth song "The Dance" and if we knew would we have chosen to miss the dance. If you could go back, would you. If you did, what would you change? Even more questions. Age is a credit card with wisdom as compound interests. Mistakes are made; lessons are learned; or at least experience is a unyielding teacher slapping the hands of all who smile with cookie crumbs around their mouths. I suspect we are probably better off just enjoying the movie of life and not knowing how everything is going to end. We will find out when we get there.

With that said..."if you find out the sex of the baby, you can get the room ready ahead of time...." [hungh, ok...hang with me, this kinda makes sense....its writer's-brain-diarreah.....I think I am going somewhere with all this; be patient] That is not to say we should not make good decisions or be frugal or planning; that's not what I mean. [...for those who were already ready to rag me and my artistic craving to reside "out there, somewhere up in the great blue"] Good sense is good sense and that sense is twice that of book sense. [oohh....'er they come again... yada yada yada...] I have 5 siblings of which I am proudly the oldest. It's a tough racket; but somebody's got to do it. It's funny how you don't realize there are other people in the world besides you when your are young or going through sumptin'; it never occurs to you that others have their own problems and responsibilities. It doesn't even occur to you that maybe someone's mood or response has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Age is a patient teacher. She is in no hurry and will not be rushed by anyone else's chidings. With age, you learn that everyone is different and has to be approached uniquely. With age, you learn grace and mercy; knowing that you will need the same some day. With age, you realize the temporary thrill ain't gonna be worth the years of hell later. Granted age is more than a number in some instances; we "expect" older people to have figured out somethings because they have had more time. . . more time to screw up. . . more time to practice. . . more time to wreap the consequences. However; these days, it would seem noone is immune to foolishness. I watched grown women (GAW...real Oprah friends need no explaination) in Wal-Mart fight over a CHRISTmas toy two seasons ago. While it was slightly entertaining; it was much more degrading and disappointing for a whole lot more reasons.

I like getting and being older inspite of the increased lines and decreased everything else. I love older women who respect their lines and bulges. America has become a nation whose currency is breasts and butt; the more you show, the more you can have and get. Is that what we want our children to learn.....will we see who gets to wreap the benefits of our laziness to action, our unwillingness to become a target by making a stand or desire to "befriend" our children instead of raising them. Who and what age will wreap the benefits of our undisturbed luxury? [....whew, I didn't see that destination coming....always buckle up; seatbelts save lives, the numbers don't lie]

Isn't it ironic that "one nation under God, indivisible ..... is divided over God; disturbed by God; dying to get His name off everything, out of everything and boiled down to "seasons greetings"...... ... :(

This blog is inspired by my pensive co-worker.

lizard at desk, maximusdoom

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's 40 DAY!!

So I woke up 40. Well, its early and I might as well get this party started right. Blog when I return from the church of iron Now, this would be a great spa day for a deep tissue full body massage.

See ya when I get back!

micheal at Venice Beach

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Parts Make The Whole

shredded face, cat eyes
Image by Lisa Sweet..." The images I create express somewhat logical conclusions to my own absurd dreams both asleep and awake...."

The world is a broken place! Perhaps, the world is a big mixing bowl where the ingredients get crushed and mixed like eggs and batter. It would seem there is no one who isn't broken or without some pieces that don't fit or don't show. Beware of those who claim no imperfections. I find the faucets of fracture to be always intreaguing; while the results are not always the same. These "shredded parts" or experiences create chasms and crevices for our deepest fears to plant their seeds for later harvest. Ever notice how nothing starts out BIG! Everything I can think of starts out pretty small and as it grows, gets much bigger. I have met many who have allowed issues from the past to cloud every future judgement based on a "one-time" or "one person" experience. But wait, who am I kidding. Is that not all of us, as well. At least, I know it's me. Sure, I war against it half-heartedly at times; but typically the statistics win out.

When I was a surreal artist (when I was but a wee lad in the streets of Compton, NY), I was fascinated by the human face. You have seen those cool pictures of people whose faces couldn't hide the hard times they have survived. The human face has the power to hide everything behind itself and re-translate it into a deceptive or seclusive expression. When we meet someone, we have little idea of their origins or fractures or even the scars that lie below the surface. The kind smile and simple hello are distractions, illusions that hide our nakednesses from each other. Granted; there are those that could stand to do a little hiding and a lot of covering; but that's anther blog for another day. Be where you are, NOW.

I like my pieces; they give me something to fill in the inperfections with. Sometimes its hard to find the exact fit for a hole; but several pieces and some mud work just fine. Secure the perimeters! Batton down the hatches. Raise the bridge! That's the way life appears to be lived. Even worse, it is often required. Only friends can stand close enough to kill without striking. Alas, as some great quotician said, "keep your friends close; but keep your enemies even closer." Another went on to say, "enemies make the most reliable friends." Wounds leave scars.

Wrap up your pieces and hide them behind your face. Guard your sacred treasures men seek to steal. Leave no maps and dead men tell no tales.

Hmmm....I wonder how Barbados is this time of the year....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rotting to the Future!

Incredible Hulk, micheal russell, Bill Bixby changing into Hulk, comics, comic book, superhero

I ran from my past until my future caught up with me. That is a quote running through my head this morning. I don't know if somebody already said it; but surely they have. I will be turning 40 on Wednesday, December 13th and I guess there's not much I can do about that. I remember growing up, looking at "grown folks" who were 40ish or more and thinking, "wow, you're really old. It's almost over for you..." — Yeah, what a kid. I remember thinking that as far back as 8 years old. Soon, if not already, it will be my turn. I will walk through the gates of time, beyond the headstone of youth into "forever was." I am not frightened of the inevitable...let's get it on! That's the great thing about adventure; you have no way to gague what's just have to experience it.

I heard a quote this weekend that set the page for this blog. It goes, "How did I get over the hill without getting to the top?" There's one for a tear in the beer. Sounds kinda funny; but feels much sadder. No, I won't morn 40. In fact, I will watch it come and go like most other days. Birthdays happen only once; everything after that is a "re-enactment".... the celebration of a memory, a minute benchmark on the sands of time on a beach way too big to matter. Sure. You're right. Are you? Is that what you really think? I am blessed with good friends and a great life. That's reality and I can deal with that. Do I own any of the things I had set for 40; no, probably not. I believe in dreaming BIG; that way, if I fall short, I am still doing pretty good. (...speaking of "pretty good;" is there such a thing as "ugly good?" Hmmmm....) They say things change at 30; no more than usual, I discovered. They say things change at 40, I guess I will let you know; but I 'spect it all to be about the same. Will I grow weaker, get more frustrated, watch my skin pull tight into wrinkled crevices, stare in the mirror at a stranger so familiar but foreign in appearance? Hey, again, I will find out when I get there.

green, hulk, face, tear, sadness, birthday

Life is a journey. IF we pick up enough flowers along the way and spend time smelling the beautiful roses; we will reach our destination loaded down with sweet smells and jolly spirits....worse case scenario, they won't have to spend any money on flowers, just use the ones I brought with me. My great-grandfather was a wealth of old stories and "use-ta-bees" and he could spin a yarn as tall as Paul Bunyan. His laugh was as mighty as a thunderstorm. I always loved that about him. His spirit, his energy, his infectious personality. I won't mind being guilty of that. comes 40 with bells and warm socks on. I shall fling wide my arms and greet an old friend. I am certain we have met before. We passed each other back at the beginning.

P.S. Feel free to comment on when you turned 40 and/or your favorite old person and why. ( blue pill advocates, please....tee hee hee).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday is for Shardai

In a life's pursit, one may incur many obstacles. None of them will be so great as our capacity or need to help another. Obviously some needs are so great that we simply do nothing, paralyzed from just the daunting task and overall domination of helplessness; but every mountain contains a pebble. This incredible story came to me from a good friend; so I pass it on to my greatest outlet, you, whose hearts are far bigger than any words I can imagine.

Shardai is an eighth grader at Smyrna Middle School. She is an Honor Roll student who also plays percussion in the band, volunteers as an office worker, and helps to manage the cheerleading squad. She has been seen volunteering in several activities in her school and her community; she is eager to do anything she can to help others. But, Shardais excellent academic performance, impressive extracurricular involvement, and servant heart are not the only characteristics that make her noticeable.

Her Story...Since birth, Shardai has suffered from a rare skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa that creates very painful, blister-like sores over her entire body. At the age of five, Shardai was also diagnosed with Polymosytis, a muscle deterioration disorder, that aggravates her ability to manage the skin disorder. In addition, Shardai has a gum disorder that causes her gums to swell considerably and requires that she undergo gum reduction surgery on a yearly basis. Shardais skin disorder is to blame for the excruciating pain she must face each and every day of her life. She also must spend quite a bit of time each morning wrapping her skin in medicated wraps and gauze to protect from infection and try to allow her sores to heal. She must also undergo very painful, lengthy medical procedures on a regular basis to treat her skin. See her pictures.

Here’s how you can help:
1) EMAIL EMHE - The application and video have been submitted to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but we need you to help us email the show and ask them to build a house for this very deserving family. Send an email to with “Please Build a House for the Cousino Family in Smyrna, TN” in the subject line. In the email, please ask ABC to build a house for the Cousino family in Smyrna, TN. Feel free to add your own message about why you think this family is deserving. Also, if you would be willing to help build the house or to donate materials/supplies, please include that in your email as well.

2)  SPREAD THE WORD - You can also help by asking your friends and family to email the show and request the home build. Send emails to your entire family, friends, coworkers – everyone you know – and ask them to help. The more emails that are sent to the show, the greater the chance that ABC will choose the Cousino family. Please keep in mind that the show only allows one email per email address.
Thank you for taking the time to help this very deserving family!!!

I dropped a pebble in the water and the ocean sent waves carrying ships I could have never lifted.


We have so much that we can easily take it all for granted. How do we prevent our freedoms from holding us hostigage to the pleasures and conviences we so dearly love? I haven't passed one car in 100 without a driver on a cellphone. I haven't been to one supermarket that didn't have at least 10 kinds of ketchup. I remember when sneakers were only $25.00. Comic books could be purchased for .12¢. I could fill up my car and go 2 weeks without refueling. I remember when kids invented games with their imaginations and ran around the neighborhood playing in each other's yard.

Now my phone can carry all of my music collection. I can hold my entire computer in my palm. Every number and address secure inside. Everything, right at my fingertips. May our way of life never be taken away by those more grateful.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Mystique of Aire

...ok...I couldn't resist for all you comic geeks like me out there.

I think I will go out and get some air. Hmmm...He has a peculiar aire about him.

What a word. It's fairly small and really packs a big punch. It's hard to do without it and you have it whether you want it or not; even when you are without it, you have it. I have no idea where this one is going but I will merrily follow.

I have been hammering out several things this week to prepare for the holiday break. It occurs to me that I have had to go out and get some "air" occassionally; to take a break, to leave the point of focus; to be alone with my thoughts. You get the drift. Why do we need to do that sometimes. Don't you always regret it when you don't. It can even be said that the air about you has a particular charge (positive or negative, up or down, electric or stagnate). SOME change the room just by entering. Others change it just by leaving. The point of it all is just to say...aire can be pretty mysterious.

WOW, the snow teased me just a bit. I want it and a lot of it...I want to look out the night before and declare that I am sleeping in tomorrow. I hate it when you can't tell if you will be the only one that didnt go in. It's almost time to watch my favorite movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" staring Jimmy Stewart. I watch it every Christmas. The snow reminds me that that time is approaching. Unfortunately, the Grench is my hero. [...too many twisted reasons to go into this blog....but hey, maybe closer to D-Day] not to mention a long awaited birthday of an ominous number...(or so they say).

So are the ways of love, destiny, and life. We have few ways of knowing how things we chose or avoided changed the history of our lives; much less of the world. History is riddled with instances that we can see the outcome of many years later. In fact, there is always "hindsight speculation" that we busy ourselves with....but it never reallly works when you are in the thick of things.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Human Wreckage

It is a beautiful morning in Nashville; the sky is slathered with brilliant oranges along the edges of clouds as the sun climbs up from the dark cold night. I have a million thoughts this morning; but I will attempt to blog them one at a time. I witnesssed something this morning that defies explanation.

I am driving down 6 lanes of traffic at a "comfortable 60 mph" when I notice a cloud of smoke ahead of me about 4 car lengths pop up. It's the thick dark blue/black rubber kind of smoke; immediately followed by the burning rubber smell. As the smoke cleared and I slowed, it became visible. An 18-wheeler had locked its brakes to avoid a worse tradgedy. My eyes followed the black melted smoking scratches on the asphalt to a near union of metals. There was a woman in a forest green Nissan Titan Truck facing the opposite way on the interstate with another silver truck only inches from the passenger side front fender. The woman and I made eye contact as traffic stopped to allow her to cross two lanes to right her direction. I saw NO dings or hanging metals or sign of what should have been a horrible sight. Traffic continued back to its pace with the 18 wheeler now along side me in the parallel lane. I never saw where the woman went; but I will give her kudos for looking most well-composed and handling her vehicle well this Wednesday I24W morning.

I was struck with an overwhelming thought; since I, myself was back in my vehicle for the first time since an accident I had been involved in a week or so before [but that's another story]. We, "people" are so very fragile. There are few days that go by that you don't hear of someone losing an arm or leg or life in some turn of events. How easily our parts are pinched off by unyielding metal, mass or force. Oh sure, we can operate and make some repairs through modern medicine; but it's never quite the same. We lack the power to go back and make what happened NOT happen. We lack the power to unharm ourselves; only to "choose" to recover to the best of our limited ability. Some say that "we" are all little "Gods." I tend to think we all have a sliver from a much bigger pie within us; but we are far cries from God. Otherwise; it would be nothing to "undo" our wounds — physically, psychologically, heredically, emotionally or etc. With great power comes even greater responsibility. Just think, if we all had the power of God how much worse off our neighbors would be. America, the country of little Gods; the country with as many churches as liquer stores. The church, where the divorce rate rivals that of the secular world. [...not a bash; just an observation]

True, everything changes and everybody dies; even the Saviour of the world. It is a necessary pennace of humanity. What wonders lie beyond this clay prison? How much more our capacity to be more "God-like" without the clay buffer? I don't know all the answers; but I sure got millions of questions. I don't even know that I have to get all the answers cause some things are just "true" inspite of our perceptions. May we be human enough to seek out things beyond our limited perceptions outside our comfort zones as we peer into the heart of our neighbors and ourselves. The walls beyond the mind are only the beginning of existence; not the perimeter of reality.

Evenso; I may have witnessed a miracle. I am glad noone got hurt. I do enjoy the sound of crashing metal; but only on TV, where we really are our own gods.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The War for Balance

Maybe it's just me or that I was single for so long; but it's hard to keep enuf time that makes everybody happy. I have a core of friends that have been around since I was me; it's not likely that I will leave or get rid of them — besides, why would I want to. They're the best. I have an incredible wife with which I intend to be with til death. I have an artistic side that has always helped and haunted me; not to mention, insist that I pay SOME attention to it....afterall; "use it or lose it" the tiny voice in the back of my mind whispers. Even worse; I can look back on some of it and wonder who or how could it ever have come from me — I couldn't do it now with a gun to my head. In addition to that, there is always work. Did I mention only 24hrs in a day and at least 6 of those are used for sleeping. Hmmm....

How do you keep it all balanced? Ooops, I left out God, workout and bad. As I was Obviously, some things have priority; but after that, it's a dogfight for the remaining time. I had a great time with an old friend who was in need of my presence. It was truly fun. I had forgotten how much we laughed about all the stupid things from before. Of course, the better time you are having, the more time it takes. I do miss having more free time; that's something you kind of lose once you're married and/or have children or become a grown-up.

Life is full of choices and some of them can be tough. Either way, this is a light-hearted blog about days gone by. Old friends know us best. Those are the ones that very few explanations are required. Sometimes you dont even have to talk; they just "get you." "Tiny," one friend I have know since headstart is just such a case. She won't hesitate to call me out on anything. "Don't forget who you are talking to," she might snicker. Of course, chuckles later, we end up recounting some crazy event that, as they say, "is much funnier now." I think old friends help us keep the balance. They remind and restrict us in the same breath. Long live the Ya-Ya's and Tiny too; leave some room for little Franky, D-Style Davis, gym knuckleheads, and anyone else who bears a nickname, pensive as that might require. Most importantly, my beloved Pickle who is friend, wife and lover. As stated by Tiny, "you don't keep anyone without a nickname for long." May the stars always twinkle from afar.

Hmmm....I think I am ready for a "warm vacation" with some reggae and fish....