Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Sweet Delicious,....Savvy!

Well it is Thursday morning, the beginning of another beautiful but HOT day....<"the hotter it is the more damage it does — 'nuf said> Anyway, back to the Sweet Delicious!

The Sweet Delicious! What is it and how does it change everything?

The "sweet delicious" is a term I use to describe that moment when everything is just right...
like the pie and the crust are perfect; like listening to Purple Rain during a thunderstorm with the one you love; like cuddling but only conversating with heartbeats; like being with the only one you want and being wanted back; like being at the top of your game and everybody just happens to be watching at the same time....That's the sweet delicious!!!!

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Joel said...

That was a good one --Brother