Monday, August 14, 2006

The Joy of Sharing....

It just must be a universal law in place, sharing makes everything better. We had a "packed" schedule for the weekend. Friday night, we (at my wife's insistence) went and worked out. I hate working out on Friday; but for her, of course, I did. By doing that, we hooked up with a newlywed couple that we go out with and we agreed to meet at BoneFish by 8ish for dinner and drinks. Aside from the pouring rain; it was a blast. I saw lots of folks I knew or at least recognized from my time in the 'boro. It was all good.

Saturday morning, I tried to sleep in. I knew Pickle had an early morning 8am hair appointment. But I couldn't. I got up and got dressed for the gym. I can at least get a good start on my workout. However; maybe I should do laundry first. 10 things I should do later - including fixing the garbage disposal (which I clogged/locked up), I was off to the gym. Unknown to me, my wifey had been considering suprising me. Just as well, after a 2 hour workout, I was bushed. I head home to find that she is STILL not back from the hairdresser. Well, I might as well cut the grass; afterall we have dinner guests coming at 6:30ish and its now 11:15. So I did. In spite of it being very wet; it turned out very nice due to paitence and raising the blade a notch. This instigated both my neighbors into cutting their lawns. She finally arrives with my surprise! I will have to blog that later when I have more words.

Saturday nite arrives as it was bound to. We had a great dinner and played games with our delightful guests. It was definitely one to remember. Our dinner theme was "Thanksgiving", since we were thankful for so many things including great friends. We played a new game "Would You Rather" that was quite funny; only upstaged by the people actually participating in the funfest. I think the dinner put the whammy on us. The turkey and ham were delicious, the cranberries so fresh, and everything else just perfect...but I think we all ate too much. We were sleepy before midnight. After hours of extended laughter at each other; we called it a night. Annie (the dog) watched everyone leave and the night came to a blissful end.

Sunday.... You know how you get these mental/spiritual cues to do something....well; I did and we did it. I have some other dear friends going through tough times many miles away. Everything worked out well, in spite of myself. Our prayers go with them.

Monday morning....whew....get up and get to the office. I need a break. But of couse, I only learn that another friend has lost his father over the weekend. Seems like there is a lot going on lately.

But really "sharing" makes fun moments even better and sad moments lighter...what a great universal law. As we share in each others lives — whether the situation is bad or good — we each leave with something more than we arrived with and with a sense of increased closeness. We are not alone...keep sharing; find something to share.

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Linda Russell said...

As always, your gentle creative gift shows its way to attract and comfort those you love.