Friday, September 04, 2015

A Life's Pursuit: Before the First Sip

A Life's Pursuit: Before the First Sip

Before the First Sip

Here I am — so early for work that the building is dark. I flip the light switch and hear the electricity hum through the walls and above the ceiling. The darkness receeds to the shadows. Putting everything in its proper place, I sit before this screen to begin the day. It dawns on me that the silence is fleeting and that I should enjoy this jewel of a moment with my morning

I flip the top on my insulated thermos and watch it flow from the warm insides, dark and steaming. I lift it to my lips but delay the pleasure for the tease by merely sniffing; just letting the steam rise into my flaring nostrils and the heat to penetrate the surface of my morning skin. I have already had my green tea and baked salmon earlier this morning; so I have earned this slightest of indulgences. I inhale deeply listening only to the mechanical sounds enveloping me. 

It was as if a warm comforter had been wrapped around me. I inhale again as my eyes slide shut. At that moment, there truely is peace in the valley and every cell along the surface of my skin pebbles. I feel the cup dent my lip with its presence, my lips growing warm from proximity. I sip. The heat flowing into my mouth, crawling around every crevice to explore my intentions and hopes, chasing away the dread of eight hours before a long Labor Day weekend. 

Now I am smiling. The sound of the keys as I type like a great symphony being preformed just for me. I swallow and the warmth fades like morning defrost on a cool windshield, chasing the liquid down into my stomach. This one dragon can be relived over and over again or at least till this cup is empty; but that won't be soon. Sip slow and long, dear me, sip slow and long. 

Happy Friday and good morning to myself.