Friday, January 28, 2011

New Year; Same Gear?

It seems that 2011 is finally here. As a kid, I remember thinking of times that were so far in the future that I couldnt imagine how things would be. Well, actually they are very close to the same. No cars are flying as a daily commute. No robots inhabit every household; aside from smart phones. Food still has to be prepared after its is obtained from another location. Meanwhile, every year we aim to improve our lives by taking stock at the turn of the new year.

There's no question that its the first of the year. Business at fitness clubs and diet/weightloss clinics are at their peak.

There are many ways to combat the mood swings that accompany testy weather and challenging traffic conditions. YOGA Photo courtesy of fitnessgoop.

Cross Dressing
Snow, sunshine, heat, cold;
Seasons change places daily,
Dress warm, now undress.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snowy Fridaku for the New Year

Its Friday and its the new year. Both of those are great circumstances to be enjoyed. The new year always sparks an assessment of the previous year, one's life direction, hopes, goals, and priorities. There is no crime in changing directions; only running in circles hoping to see something new. But before I ramble too far; I'll simply begin with a Friday haiku — a Friadaku about snow for which I affectionately call The Kroger Stimulus Package.

snowy day

Frigid Romance

Romantic dandruff,
Thickly falling from chilled skies;
Painting white beauty.