Monday, October 23, 2006

At Home in the Jungle — The Juice of Life

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............It was an endless night. The darkness seemed to have no end. Thick quilts of darkness entwined us; unable to find an edge to escape or peek from. It was the span of time from Sunday until Monday morning. Things were back to normal...however odd, normal truely is. I cannot remember how many times my hand collided with a persistent snooze button; but it never mattered. It kept working at annoying intervals. Her warm form keeping me anchored in a plush cloud of delirium, I fought my way out into the day. The warm shower erased the day before as I dried into today. I must have had a thousand dreams—exhausting. Nontheless, awake and well...I blog.

I have been very busy; but I seem to have very little to show for it. Have you ever done a lot but saw nothing from it? What havoc does a Monday hold? In the end, it won't matter. I will deal with it and go on anyway...daring myself to overcome or be victorious. That is the nature of my odd normalicy. In the end, it doesn't matter. With my mate at my side, I just want to hang will all my friends and dance in the streets as if it were our last day on earth. What a great day with no hesitations and only kind thoughts. The weekend is over, this part is just as important and I love it all.

Pour me a tall, chilled glass of the Juice of Life and I will finish it everytime. It's all the best things and the worst with a few cubes of love and forgiveness, a napkin of grace and a splash of friends, a coaster of fun and a straw of thankfulness. "Hey, pull up a chair and sit a while. This one's one me."

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Linda Russell said...

You may have accomplished more than you thought.
You are a source of energy and smiles.
Your friends and your woman love you for that