Saturday, April 29, 2006

Way TOO MUCH Bed Time

I have been in the bed since Friday afternoon at 5pm. I have dreamed a million dreams almost unending. As soon as one ends; it would spin into another. I do remember making two bathroom trips; but they were zombie-like endeavors. Guess I must have needed the rest.

Hmmm....Kinda gray outside. I need to go get the doggie some food. It's 6:30am and I may actually get to the gym before 8. I am looking forward to a good hard workout; that is, if I have the energy. How bizarre that I would get up and start blogging before showering. hmmmm......this should be a great day. I wonder how much I will actually get done vs getting back into bed with my beautiful little wifey.


Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Friday Again

Well another week has passed and we stare into a beautiful new weekend. Will there be things that are missed from this week....probably not. YES!!!! The weekend will be great. My honey is home and daddy's in season! We had a fantastic dinner last night at Demos' Steakhouse. It was great to be together again. We had fun laughing and talking about her adventures in Texas. We love to travel and are ready to cruise somewhere nice and warm this year.

As the day progresses, I am sure we will find a way to entertain ourselves into the evening. There's no telling what that really means; especially for those who really know me. I have a steak in the refridgerator; but I forgot to marinade it — so we will probably go out. Besides, it's been a while since we got in some dancing. My wife loves to dance and I love to watch her move and have fun in her zone. We have dinner plans with a great couple Saturday night. Hopefully they won't cancel.

I had fun at lunch cruising music circle in our bug with the top down. It is gorgeous in Nashville today. But most of all, I am looking forward to getting home to my sweetie.

Hmmm...stuff to do:
cut grass,
clean house,
plant flowers,
workout, eat....


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Its Thursday!!!

There's something special about Thursday. It's after "hump day" and almost Friday; but not quite. I guess the good news is that you know "it's almost here, the weekend." ....and I really enjoy weekends...!

I looked outside and it looks like a really nice day; so nice that I started to drive the convertible. There's something about the brisk air caressing a freshly shaved naked scalp on a sunny day. (you'll have to trust me on that one) The warmth of the sun with the cool of the air is absolutely invigorating. It's sad to see sad people on a beautiful day.

Today is extra special for me because my honey comes back from Houston, TX tomorrow! I am looking forward to a great weekend packed with fun and delicious activities. Hmmm...but first there will be lunch. I have the urge to go shopping (friends accuse me of being "metro sexual"—which they defined as "straight men who love to do things women love but don't expect straight men to do.") I think I will google that term to be sure. Anyway, I set out flowers Monday or Tuesday afternoon when it was gorgeous and I am excited to see how the sunshine will effect them. I have a magnificent rose bush that is bursting with color and health loaded with buds just about to open. There is just something about life and the art of living.

So what's a blog to do on a day like this....hmmm so much anticipation. I can hardly wait...the crevices in my mind crawl over each other like hungry mice to hord winter's tidbits. So far, aside from the obvious, all this day needs is a little Jack & Coke, candles, a hot bubblebath, some Luthor Vandros....


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hey You...Where Does The Sun Go?

I had lunch at Taco was just OK today. It's usually better. Oh well. Anyway, its a gloomy day here in downtown Nashville. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. But yesterday is gone with today soon to follow. It dawned on me; somewhere, yesterday was gloomy and perhaps, they were waiting on sunshine today. If yesterday and today go to the same place, does the sun shine there too? and what of tomorrow—which eventually goes the same way too; the place between yesterday and today is night. But night is not always dark, depending on where you are. So between yesterday and today with tomorrow soon to follow; sun must be the guy at the party everybody knows and loves and yet he just gets around; but lives nowhere. Maybe it is we who get around and He (Son) goes nowhere.

I heard it once said, "If you stand still, the whole world will come around again"


Friends and New Cars: One Drives The Other

Silver Convertible Chrysler Sebring

There's nothing like having good friends! The really good part about friends is that they love to share good news! In this case, a new car! There's something about that new car smell, that feel, as you slide behind the wheel of something that is "yours" for the first time. The excitement when it does what you expected or even more, as you rev the engine. The seductive purr as you reflect on the joy of ownership. And of course, the sound system on a really shiny new vehicle enhanced by being a convertible, right at the beginning of summer. No wonder, there's nothing but miles of cheesing (smiling for those of you playing at home).

I have had several friends who recently bought new vehicles; just like I did a year ago. It's great calling up your close friends, sharing the news and taking a spin. I don't know why, but there is something very "confirming" about it. You smile, they smile; you both agree that "it's good!" Who understands the mysteries of we humans and our relationships or the things they require? Suffice it to say...we all need each other. Congrats!

Viva la Ya-Ya Sisterhood!!! :D School Teachers Rock!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Odd News In History...Would You Believe?

Jimmy Carter got attacked by a rabbit? It was on April 20, 1979.

President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit during a fishing trip in Plains, Georgia. The rabbit, which may have been fleeing a predator, swam toward his boat, "hissing menacingly, its teeth flashing and nostrils flared." President Carter was forced to swat at the vicious beast with a canoe paddle, which apparently scared it off.

Upon his return to the White House, Carter told his staff about the furry amphibian's assault. Most of them refused to believe him, insisting that rabbits can't swim (although since most mammals can swim, there's no reason to believe that rabbits cannot), and that even if they could, they certainly wouldn't attack humans, and certainly not presidents. Fortunately, a White House photographer had been on the scene, and had recorded the bizarre attack. The photograph showed Carter with his paddle raised, warding off a small creature which might, or might not, have been a rabbit. One staffer was quoted as saying, "You couldn't tell what it was." Undaunted by their skepticism, Carter had the image enlarged, and there it was--a killer bunny rabbit, apparently bent on assassinating the president.

hmmm....related to Monica?

Last Night's Dream...Flight with a Dragon

I had a strange dream last night. All the details are fuzzy now; but here goes the jest of it. It was a "flying" dream. I have had these before; but I have never flown so easy. Before it was always some special way I had to throw my body or some secret brain trick to make it happen. I could not fly long periods of time without starting to fall; but this dream was different!

In this dream, flying was as easy as walking. I could take flight at any altitude and fly as close to the ground or high in the clouds as I wanted with no hint of falling. The other odd thing about this dream is that I was carrying a stucco tuscan colored dragon that was about 6 feet tall. It was a hollow shell and I assume light in weight. I flew with it everywhere. But I got careless on one of my close to the ground flights and scraped the bottom of it, ripping it severely. Then I fell out of the air. I would jump; but fall. People had seen me flying all the time; but I could always fly away. Now they were coming; either curious or worse, and I could NOT get back into the air. It was as though it had turned into a heavy rolled carpet...completely unmanageable.

In the end, I end up sitting on a picnic table in a beautiful green grassy field with the once-dragon in my arms as they came over the hill to look at me and examing the thing that had eluded them so often. I remember sobbing into my hands as it lay damaged upon me; just before waking up. I remember wishing this was not a bad sign of something coming. I remember wondering what these symbols stood for in my "real" life. What things make me soar that I may not be using the maximum amount of care in guarding or sharing? As I dropped my wife off at the airport this morning for Houston, TX; I hoped it was just a dream.


Friday, April 21, 2006

...Sometimes I Miss Being a Kid

Well it's Friday and the rain is pouring. I was just reflecting to my childhood. When we had gotten a big rain, my brothers and sisters and I would make paper boats and run outside to put them in the streams and puddles. I remember as my face was pressed against the screen door, wondering where they were going and how long would they float. Obviously they couldn't go far; but in a kid's mind, there are no limits. Somehow they could end up in China because streams go all around the world. Water is everywhere.

I wonder now as an adult, how many of those little kid thoughts might really be true. Maybe great things are possible all the time. Maybe everyone in the world can be friends. There may be a place Where The Wild Things Are. I bet they are thinking the same thing I am. I think I will just say "hi" to whoever I meet. Smiling is good for you. Angels are real. Something's under my bed; but only at night when the lights are out. Do we get too old when we refuse to dream or let our minds wander outside the box of our understanding?

Are most of us bound together by simple little things like Sesame Street,, paper airplanes or cuddly toys? Is there more to being human than just being who we want to be? Could we actually be existing on several levels simutaneously? Does it matter if I am good to strangers? Does it all equal out? Who are "they"? They say this, They say that. They even say "They" are always right....hmmmmm. I'm glad it's Friday. They say, it's 5'oclock somewhere...........

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dark Madness; Sky Shows & Beautiful Storms

The rain ran from the heavens; chased by angry lightning clawing mercilessly at the black and hopeless sky. The orchestra of destruction clashed its cymbals, shaking the ground and everything attached to it. I watched it all only inches from my face; grimmacing behind fogging glass in the long snake of red tail lights. The beauty of the chaos, so synchronized and choreographed by an unseen conductor. Thunderstorms...dark and dangerous...warring thunderheads standing opposite of each other, throwing lightning at dark crevices. Rain, like the sky's own blood, plummetting, gushing, falling and drenching, ripped from the sky's once blue skin by daggars of glorious molten lightning.

I love storms. I wanted the storm yesterday; but HE didn't ask me. Glad I didn't have the top down. Someday VW bugs will have transparent domes and not even require wheels; but I won't get to see that. Storms scare my dog, Annie (Benji dog) who hides in the closet once it all begins.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thinking Is Highly Under Rated!

Do you ever wonder what some people do with the gap between their ears? Is skull-protection a wasted venture on some folks? If there was a light on; would anybody know?

Hmmm....It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I am not sure what that means. I left home on time with the promise of a very big storm coming only to discover after 2 doughnuts and a ham croisant that it had passed over. I was inspired by the think ominous clouds that pulled across the sky, erasing the sun's presence. Low and behold; the light wins again. Maybe I got one raindrop. I was all set to write from the topic: Ominous Black ; but that wont do now. Have you ever been poised for something; but at the last minute, it changes?

Oh well, I am sure I will regain or turn my attentions to something else before this day is done.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The "CORE" Necessity Friends Who Stick

I was reading by friend, Joel Franks' blog and the topic is beyond valid. It's about the core.... It seems noone sticks together anymore. Something or someone comes along and ties are broken. But I have found there is a great value in having a "core" of folks, usually a very select few, who really know you from the past til the evolution of now. If you are like me, and I am sure you are, you have been through several phases or evolutions in identity.

I find that when things are really tough or I'm in a funk; only someone from then (the past, but still present) can bring me back into the light....rebalance my scales. Those are the people who have the credibility that speaks directly to my spirit to cheer me up or set me straight. While they may be slightly concerned about hurting my feelings; there is a pact among us that is bigger than feelings that must be adhered to.... Tell Me Like It Is! We can take the hard words because we understand that the truth is ONLY for benefit and that there is a mutual love beyond just trying to make you feel good or bad that says "I got your back."

Eventually there may always be those you separate from for good I am not saying stay in unhealthy relationships; but if you are not "exchanging" something of equal value; it may be time to evaluate and or communicate.

Core friends make things bearable no matter how bad it seems. I am thankful for my core of good friends; even if some are Tiny Tunes, soon to become Google, the "Ya Ya Sisterhood"or Allan Alda. Strong bonds are important and critical to the success of each individual for a healthy and happy life. Like when you meet someone really nice; you want them to meet "them" so you can get their take.
1) You value their opinion,
2) You like sharing good news!

Today's thought: The apple ain't so grand without a good core!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stange Cool Stuff for the Strange

Science fiction or just stange truths....Doorway on Mars

Back in the Saddle Again

I hope everyone had a great Easter, the celebration of the ressurection of our Lord and Savior, Christ. I love my church Bethel World Outreach Center, it always has something going on that breaks; if not rips, me from my comfort level into another realm of action and thought. That amazes me because 4yrs ago, I was done with ALL churches and had no need for organized anything...then the strange things found me. Somehow He knew where I was and showed up there. He does care. He does live. I hope you have somewhere you feel that way about too.

Well, Mondays affirm that the Friday before was done well and right or that you were just focused on getting out! Mondays are terrifying and gratifying that way. Granted I had a nice reasonably long weekend; it was a good one and I like to stay busy or be doing something. As a freelance designer, I often help my fundraising wife in various endeavors...last night it just happened to be stuffing envelopes and placing stickers. Either way, we make a great team——one of the MANY reasons I decided to "keep" her. :D So I am going to slip into my Monday as though it were a nice warm bubble bath, reflect on my agenda and "git ur done....."

Friday, April 14, 2006

He is Risen!

That is the best news of history. Believe what you want; but everyone answers to someone eventually. Its good to have a Lord who can overcome anything and who has beaten everything; even death. As we go about our day, submitting to death and taxes—look inside, look up and look around to how richly you have been blessed; far beyond any deserving on your part— and just give thanks.

Request... Anyone inclined or of faith; pray for this young family as they face this moment in time of potential crisis. Click on their picture to read their story. Surround yourself with Faith, Friends and Family and be thankful for another great day.

I am reminded of some great words from my friend Joel's father in one of his previous posts. Perhaps you will enjoy it too.

Thanks to all my friends for making this life grand and demonstrating His incredible power to transform us all. Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passion!...It Makes Everything Better!

What is your passion? What is the one thing that you could not exist without doing? What is that one thing that was made for you?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Policy Sounds Good to Me

This many, I had several thoughts; but I received an email from a friend that really is a hot topic these days. illegal immigration She sent me some words by Teddy Roosevelt that really were very well expressed. I am not typically "political" but this is a subject of some interest and I'm curious how various others feel about what comes next.

Every American citizen needs to read this!

Teddy had it so right!  Not Kennedy, but Roosevelt!    

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." Theodore Roosevelt 1907

I believe that anyone has the rights and liberties of this country as one of its citizens. I fear that we have not guarded our generosity as much as our freedom. American is just that....AMERICA! If you want to be one, here are the rules and its taxes. Its much like every other club...if you cannot pay the dues or keep the rules; well asta la vista. Things have gotten out of hand...loose borders promote loitors....and YES! We as "Americans" will still do the jobs "nobody wants" like we always have long before now.
I am sure this sounds harsh to somebody. Here's the also protects immigrant rights by dissuading American employers from taking financial and social advantage of "people hiding out, trying to make a buck." My last quip, "if you gonna be a citizen, the language is e-n-g-l-i-s-h! I am fine with multilingual, polylingual and antilingual;but antiengual is a "no no".

Why are the street signs in 2 languages?
Why does my bank ask me english or spanish?
Why isnt anything in Japanese, Chinese or even German?

Have we been taken advantage of or is someone trying to sell us something we didn't buy?

That's the way I see it and that's the way it outta be.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Appreciate The Things You Have

Sure...there always something somebody's got; that you think you want. Maybe its the car, the bank account, the dog or whatever....Remember the Robin Williams movie One Hour's easy to get caught up in what we "think" we see and know about people and NOT really know anything at all. Image is king in America! Sooner or later, everyone has to take out the garbage and everyone does something flushable :P.....

I think Sheryl Crow said it best! "not getting what you want...its wanting what you have..." But really, when its all said and done; we all just like it better our way.

Was Is Was, Ain't It?

Have you been sitting somewhere minding your own business when strange thoughts come in and arrest your attention?

There I was, eating my Cheetos, thinking about Starbucks when it happened. Biblically, we were known even before we were conceived....before the universe was ever stretched out.....hungh???

Therefore; what we will be (the future) cannot be the future if it is known, that makes us history...written as events that have already happened, right? So there is NO is; only was now; but not really NOW cause it already see how fascinating this becomes.

So if I am going to become something; I already am or have? Am I dead but still living? Is TIME only measured in human terms by sequential events ... not timeless actions....? Hmmm........

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Fantastic Yet-to-Comes!

I lay there, this morning in the still hush of the silence, watching the light begin to scatter the darkness of the day before. Just below the noise of nothing, I heard it. I heard them crawling over each other, entangling and slithering like young earthworms in moist dirt. It tickled my mind as they moved. Lost between yesterday and now, I realized it was the "Fantastic Yet-to-Comes" inhabiting my solitude. Grand visions of life yet lived and events not passed, lay before me like a grand feast of Yet-to-Comes! They wound together into massive cords of hopes for the future...for my great marriage...for treasured times we would have on vacation...for great friends still strangers.

I enjoyed my drive into the office listening to the soundtrack from The Red Violin as the
hum of The Yet-to-Comes began to fade into a snake of tail lights and horns; of angry sneers and quick cut-offs—all in the presence of a beautiful and glorious sunrise. I wondered if anyone was taking the least amount of time to notice all the things that were right in world.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Innumerable Value of "Real" Good Friends

I woke up this morning with one of my good friends on my mind. You know, that person that, hell or high water, you can count on and/or care about. We have know each other since highschool; but really became good friends later in life through mutual acquaintances. After an early call and conversation, I discovered he is fine and life is good. My day has skyrocketed since. I am extremely thankful for our friendship.

Do we, as people really take enuf time to communicate the value of dear friends or relate the impact they have on our lives. Joel Franks is an inspiration to me and continues to be a great friend. Great friends tend to have "gone thru some stuff" with you. I rode his son, Oneal's 4-Wheeler one weekend that my wife, Pickle and I were in visiting my parent(s) and grandmother. He is a great father and we have talked many times on the value of having strong, good male role models in our lives. His dad, Max "Batman" Franks writes a very entertaining column for the Savannah Courier and has since become one of my great workout disciples!!! (Ha Ha Ha) Check out his blog
Communicate with your Real Good Friend today!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Death's Anniversary

Our Return to the Grave

It's been a whole year since my mother passed due to aggressive lung and brain cancer. It was a tough time to manage and cope with many different emotions and family energies. It was a tremendously inspiring funeral for a remarkable lady who gave her all for 6 kids with very little. Her inspiration lives on in each of us as we continue to care for our father and each other.
Our day began with all of us meeting at my home early Saturday morning and heading to West Tennessee together. It was a good time of talking as the 2.5 hour trip unfolded.

Dad was glad to see us all together. He had cooked a big meal for his kids. After prayer, we ate and laughed together. My brother and I had stopped at WalMart and bought some flowers to plant around the grave. We all got together and went down to the cemetary to freshen and decorate the grave of our mother. We planted beautiful tulips, reset the headstone in a better position, raked and purged old, artificial flowers. It was good to see us all together working with each other for a common cause. It was easy to see the legacy of her love continuing even in the midst of a great loss. We all stood back and marvelled at how much better everything looked. Dad had a majestic angel that we positioned at the head as the flowers flanked the grave—what a picture.

Eventually we had to get on the road to return home. He hated to see us go; we hated to leave; but the unity was unmistakable and still in tact....just like our memories as a family.