Friday, May 19, 2017

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday Morning Sipping:
100% Caffeinated

Sunrise Sip

Its an early Wednesday Morning. The sun is bright and the sky so blue you could see the tears of every country music song. The air has a chill of absence; yet the day is full of possiblility. I spent the morning reminding myself of more important things. Its easy to forget as we age that we are not locked into any one particular thing, event, career, life or otherwise. The universe is constantly moving around us not completely linear but circular; the past, the present and the future at our fingertips at any moment. Though we have invested time and memory into a route, we may choose a different direction at any time. That is one of those things time and age easily rob our matured conditioned minds.
Drink Coffee - 100% Caffeinated

Grab a sip!

Friday, September 04, 2015

A Life's Pursuit: Before the First Sip

A Life's Pursuit: Before the First Sip

Before the First Sip

Here I am — so early for work that the building is dark. I flip the light switch and hear the electricity hum through the walls and above the ceiling. The darkness receeds to the shadows. Putting everything in its proper place, I sit before this screen to begin the day. It dawns on me that the silence is fleeting and that I should enjoy this jewel of a moment with my morning muse...coffee.

I flip the top on my insulated thermos and watch it flow from the warm insides, dark and steaming. I lift it to my lips but delay the pleasure for the tease by merely sniffing; just letting the steam rise into my flaring nostrils and the heat to penetrate the surface of my morning skin. I have already had my green tea and baked salmon earlier this morning; so I have earned this slightest of indulgences. I inhale deeply listening only to the mechanical sounds enveloping me. 

It was as if a warm comforter had been wrapped around me. I inhale again as my eyes slide shut. At that moment, there truely is peace in the valley and every cell along the surface of my skin pebbles. I feel the cup dent my lip with its presence, my lips growing warm from proximity. I sip. The heat flowing into my mouth, crawling around every crevice to explore my intentions and hopes, chasing away the dread of eight hours before a long Labor Day weekend. 

Now I am smiling. The sound of the keys as I type like a great symphony being preformed just for me. I swallow and the warmth fades like morning defrost on a cool windshield, chasing the liquid down into my stomach. This one dragon can be relived over and over again or at least till this cup is empty; but that won't be soon. Sip slow and long, dear me, sip slow and long. 

Happy Friday and good morning to myself.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

9 Things I Learned In The Year After My Mother Passed

Scars: They are a testament to injury, proof of survival and, at times, as indiscernible as a line etched delicately along the crevice of an eye. Although not all mar the physical appearance, they are all there, emotionally and mentally etched upon the skin like a latticework of fragmented memories and barely-remembered moments.

As badges of both honor and dishonor, scars are forever, branded on the heart, and as time continues, we soldier on, somehow stronger.

I dont remember the day and hour; just the silence....the deep deep silence of absence. It was the day I shattered to a million pieces without a hope in the world to piece it back together.

It was the day I lost my mother.